The Religion of Jesuitism

I keep thinking about things I could post in relation to my latest home page piece. Every day something comes to mind about the way of the World that would be a fine contrast to the Kingdom that beckons all who genuinely want Light.

This one is just about as good as any, a piece from the webzine punditry aggregator Townhall, "The Religion of Leftism" by Allie Stuckey. This young lady is a bit better known for making brief satirical videos ridiculing the inanity of the most prominent leftists.

She does a fine job of elucidating those insidiously destructive things so many people crusade for, things that are quite characteristic of "leftists." But as I read through this piece another time, I thought something.

What would happen if I replaced the word "leftism" and any form of that reference with the word "Jesuitism."

And I read through it again.

It fits perfectly.

All these things are the ways Jesuits behave when addressing anyone who comes to them with emotional, spiritual, political, or commercial concerns. Please look at the history of Jesuit activity, please take an inventory of the things said to you by Jesuits or those well-trained by them to parrot all these things they are told to believe and blither.

It is no wonder the Jesuits are so successful with their System programming.

Here's a perfect example: "While leftism may not require personal responsibility, generosity or morality, it does demand everything of its devotees. It aims to conform the mind, the heart and the soul fully to its agenda." Stuckey does admit every cause expects some measure of devotion, but the Jesuits writ large have a very strict policy of hypnotic adherence to their organization and its leadership involving blood oaths. No wonder leftists and Jesuits alike are so into other-sacrifice.

The poor must be taken care of, so others must be forced to sacrifice the fruits of their labor. Women must not feel exploited, so their unborn babies must be sacrificed for their convenience. Past racial injustices must be remedied today, so older white males must be denigrated by sacrificing their self-respect to achieve an interminable corporate purging.

Read the rest of it yourself, with "Jesuitism" inserted in the appropriate places, but it will only make sense if you understand the Order's authorized purposes and programs, you're well-versed in Scripture as the guidebook for comprehending their legitimate activity, and you are protected in the blood and righteousness of Christ.

Otherwise you're just another human sacrifice slab on the Culture War's altar.


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