Saturday, February 02, 2019

Apart From Him You Can Do Nothing

"Apart from Me you can do nothing."

These words are there quite prominently in the 15th chapter of John's gospel. Around them is an entire treatise about how much Jesus is it. He's the One. Nothing else matters. Have Him and you have everything and can do anything. Don't have Him and you're squat. No matter how much you're into anything else, it is utterly, contemptibly worthless.

I'd add that it is even worse if you are into another Jesus. The harrowing thing about that is there are so many. It is just as viscerally sorrowful that so so very many believe that as long as someone says they believe in a Jesus then we can all gleefully consider being on the same page crusading for good wholesome things out there.

Recently over at the The Federalist the individual with the pseudonym Bill Kilgore wrote an extraordinarily sobering assessment of the pro-life movement. He truly said nothing much more than it is worthless. Many many many people think it is something, when really, let's face it: What is it? The most stunning factual bit of information he shared that demonstrates this truth was this:

"Approximately 882,000 abortions took place in the United States in 2017—down from approximately 885,000 abortions in 2016 and 913,000 abortions in 2015. Except it isn’t clear that this shift by 30,000 babies is a result of the pro-life movement or if it is just because people are no longer bothering to get pregnant. Thirty thousand babies saved is something in which to rejoice, but it pales in comparison to 882,000 killed.
Are you even kidding me.

We're supposed to think we're really doing anything when 882,000 babies are murdered every year.

Thing is, I know why we're not doing anything. It is something I myself wrote about in my webzine 12 years ago. I did so here, and also here. I'd venture to say there are a few others who did see and now see what I saw, who sees what Mr. Kilgore sees, but it doesn't seem there are very many.

There are simply too many Jesuses hypnotically entrancing so many people.

Even Mr. Kilgore and the folks at The Federalist are so entranced. You can see it in his piece. Look at how impotent we are, people, he says, we're really accomplishing little, he says. And all he can ultimately say is...

How? Why? I'm mystified.

I'm not. I'm not because of things like Maureen Mullarkey's piece in The Federalist, "The Catholic Scandal is More About Power Than About Sex" (September 4 2018). Mullarkey deftly sees what's going on, much like Kilgore does, much like many at The Federalist, but they can't get it because they are just like most of the populace, hypnotically entranced by their devotion to Cain's legacy.

They are intractably Catholicist.

This means they can't see the difference between Rome's World System of secular governance -- the Roman Catholic Church the ecclesiastical branch of this potentate -- and the Kingdom held in the embrace of Jesus Christ of Scripture with the penetrating message of truth and grace and salvation once delivered to the saints.

The latter is light years from Rome.

About a third of the way through her piece Mullarkey writes this.
"The Eucharist is my life's blood; I am wedded to the Mass and the sacraments. From that standpoint, the rest is merely the way of the world. On the Potomac or the Tiber, a swamp is a swamp. Triumphalist emphasis on the church as a perfect society fails to admit that the church is always a sinful one."
The devil clearly has a mighty grip on Mullarkey, yet she's convinced she's a true believer. Well, she is, but for Rome's overarching duty of ruthless law enforcement. She thinks she is fighting the righteous crusade for Christ against what Augustine called "The City of Man" wherever it festers, when she is merely doing Cain's work of rebelling against the Institution forcing Cain's hand in using seven-fold power against her.

The millions, even billions, who feel and think and behave as she does...

Please note I'm saying nothing against the legitimate devotion of such individuals. They have yet to find whole freedom in Christ, so their allegiance is justifiably regarded as calcified as it may be. Who am I to question their dire necessities. In one brief paragraph Mullarkey quite candidly confesses that she is spiritually sold out to the Institution, one that is perpetually "a swamp," and "always a sinful one."

What then of the preborn children? Hundreds of thousands of them... In horrific peril right now...

Ever really look at the March-for-Life? That event everyone screeches the media give short shrift every weekend around January 22nd when they hold it? The one where indeed tens of thousands of people zealously rally in Washington D.C. to bring attention to the slaughter that is abortion? You know that one?

Look at the photographs of the participants, at least that's not hard to do. Look at them, and look for all the rosaries, all the crucifixes, all the signs with images of the pope or some saint or Mary quite often depicted as the Lady of Guadalupe.

All of it, every bit of that stuff, comes straight from Hell. It doesn't matter that there are a gazillion Catholics -- showcasing the strength-in-numbers feature of the System's machinations -- it doesn't make it any less demonic. All the idolatry, all the insanely unbiblical practices, all the spiritually lethal devotions -- all of it firmly the devil's domain.

And yet, the more evangelically-minded March-for-Life participants for the most part shrug, even beam that everyone is together "dwelling in unity" and trying to achieve the same purpose -- save the unborn! What they don't understand is that the Roman Catholic Church is a critical component of all the things that make abortion so prominent. Yes, it is true, the Catholic Church contributes to making abortions happen.

Part of that is simply to have some rotten thing out there crushing the souls of so many people in society for the purpose of moving Catholic or Catholicist leaders to declare how much they are against that bad thing so they'll generate more sympathy for or even membership in the Institution. And the "Institution" does not even have to be a Roman Catholic church at all -- it can be any secular governing entity including any Protestant-oriented body that is tied to Rome through its contractual 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit status.

Want to know more? Here's a page with a number of reasons Rome makes abortions happen.

My own epiphany occurred on a very nice Saturday morning -- March 9th, 2002. I too was an enthusiastic participant in our local "Walk For Life." About a hundred or so of us would stroll for about a mile, maybe two, deliberately making our way past the abortion clinic, just engaging in the whole supporting all things pro-life activities. Until, as you read my story, you'll see, the light started to go on.

This is a fully Catholicist operation.

We were all being played like the finest Stradivarius violins. All of it, all of it just another sick, filthy, grotesque cog in the vast racket that is the World System largely governed by Rome. Still don't think so? Did you even read Kilgore's piece? Did you even notice that around 900,000 babies were still murdered every single year since I proudly went on that Walk-For-Life event? Just as many for each of the years before that?

Just as many for each of the years from this point forward as long as we don't get that we're so wretchedly Catholicist?

Do you not weep buckets as I do right now?

Well, I know not many people will read a piddle little blog like this one. I've been doing this for 14 years now, and it doesn't seem like much is happening. I am very sad about that. Doesn't even have to be me, I don't care about me.

But who is speaking up about Rome and what it is, and then able to speak for the babies so they will actually be saved?

Really? Actually? Truly?

Or are you just someone who dismisses this? Maybe, maybe just too far from the Kingdom to comprehend. That's what happened with Cain, and that's the way it is for all who follow him. He was sent out of God's presence -- so I do understand why there are billions who just - can't - get - it.

Please know that I myself am not railing against or challenging the legitimacy of Cain's legacy. God did indeed send Cain away to build a city to manage the evils of a populace who refused to get it. There's a large imposing Roman Catholic edifice right in the middle of it all for effect.

You can get it, however, if you do just what many did there at the very end of the fourth chapter of Genesis: "Call on the name of the Lord." I do truly believe if you do that you'll understand.

Here, I'll help. This isn't my thinking, mind you, please -- I'm not so smart. But I have been paying attention, and here're the way things are (it is from this webzine writing I did a number of years ago):

·   Human sacrifice is a veritable and quite commonplace reality.
·   It is carried out regularly and habitually by all who do not have The Son.
·   Those who ask Caesar to be their lord will be provided the standard service of its full enablement.
·   Caesar’s operatives in the service of Cain’s legacy will use the most skillfully executed arts of deception to keep it viable.
·   God allows it in as much as it is part of His footstool, functioning to ultimately steer people away from it into Christ’s arms, or fulfill His purposes until the last day, or both.
·   Those who say they’re Christ’s but sign binding pacts with Caesar designating his lordship over their affairs are merely enlisting with the World and doing its work.
·   Many of those Christians are simply fully immersed Catholicists sworn to do Caesar’s legitimate work and are nowhere near the Kingdom.
·   Often those individuals work in the highest levels of the World administering powerful political, ecclesiastical, and commercial enterprises that are all about human sacrifice.

Abortion is merely one of the many forms of human sacrifice that take place on a regular basis for those whose devotion to the World System supersedes any consideration that Christ is the Way and the Truth and the Life.

There is one, single, solitary, exclusive solution to all of this.

It is Him.

He's it.

Thuh end -- nothing else.

Shall I repeat His own words? I think I must.

"Apart from Me you can do nothing."

I don't know how unequivocally categorical that can be. I don't know how much more clear it is.

Nothing means nothing.

Of course there is so much more that goes with Him. He offers the Kingdom, that's a lot of stuff.

It definitely includes all the beautiful, bountiful tools needed to save babies --

Really. Actually. Truly.

I invite you to look through my webzine. You'll see much more of what I'm sharing here. I hope you look around and find Him. That's the main thing, thanks.

I must add this extra note. The 882,000 figure is for abortions just in the U.S. After completing this post I looked up the number worldwide, and the World Health Organization -- not a biased religious outfit by any means! -- estimates that conservatively 40 million abortions occur each year worldwide. My God, my God, are there just that many whose hearts are not breaking enough to grasp any of this?...