Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Patty Murray is Quite an Honest Individual Actually

"We have no king but Caesar."

Recently the U.S. Senate proposed a post-birth infant protection bill. "Committing infanticide is against the law" it pretty much says. It seems to have come forward after a governor in a state that pretty much allows abortion through all nine months of a pregnancy waffled about what to do if a partial-birth abortion failed and the baby was born alive. Should the parents be consulted about whether or not to keep the infant alive or utilize the pillow?

When the Senate holds a "unanimous consent" vote, all that has to happen for the resolution to pass is for no one to object. You don't even have to go on the record, as a Senator you just don't have to say anything and the thing goes right on through. Yeah, huh. Cain's domain. Pretty nasty.

Well, most Senators thought this would be a slam dunk. Who in their right mind would object to something enshrined into official federal ordinance that would protect a baby after it completes passage through the birth canal? Who?

U.S. Senator from Washington Patty Murray did. Here is the text of her exact reasoning.

"This is a gross misrepresentation of the actual language of the bill that is being asked to be considered and, therefore, I object." Apparently there was also some talk about her reminding colleagues that there are already anti-infanticide laws in the books.

Well done, Ms. Murray, and please, I'm not being facetious.

Well done. You are following your due diligence in being a faithful Catholicist carrying out your sworn duty of boldly highlighting the merits of human sacrifice that occur on a regular basis and valiantly upholding its fully enabled service for all who wish to partake in it.

From the information I've seen in her curriculum vitae, Patty Murray is a devout Roman Catholic. Whether practicing or not, she is devout enough or she wouldn't have courageously done this in the Senate.

If she is an ordained government official in the service of Cain's legacy, then we must take her words seriously as authoritative, as much dissembling as she may have employed. For you see the bill is indeed a gross representation. These politicians are only putting this forward to gain political points, especially before a Catholicized populace who they believe would overwhelmingly favor this. If there are already anti-infanticide laws in place, why have this one?

The truth is this would only serve to make illegal murder after birth, if it would even do that considering all the equivocation and casuistry that would be employed to confuse things. And since murder is perfectly acceptable before birth, why would it matter if it were illegal after birth? In fact, while there are pretty standard laws against murder, they don't really matter much since murder is allowed in millions of different instances anyway, before birth, after birth, years after birth, whenever.

Benjamin Franklin once said, "Nine of every ten men are suicides." What he meant is that men (and women!) live in such benighted states that they are all about killing or being killed, and since the trauma of killing may be too difficult it is best to just numb the pain even if you kill yourself. Murders and suicides are happening all the time, all over the place. I'd go into it all here -- there is a lot! -- but I put together a helpful web page with it all. I invite you to look over it, right here, please.

It is all just one, huge, massive human sacrifice orgy.

Why misrepresent that with a pitifully inadequate anti-infanticide bill in the legislature? Touche, Patty Murray.

The scathing thing is that an anti-infanticide bill directs attention away from the fact that there should be no abortions whatsoever, ever, at any time. What a wretchedly pathetically gruesome country we live in when any legislature passes a bill limiting abortions to, say, 12 weeks into the pregnancy. So many think that's great, but all such a provision does is merely declare that abortions up to 12 weeks are perfectly fine! Many are great with fetal pain laws -- what? What difference does that make? If you murder a preborn child before they feel it does that make it better?

Many say it matters when you pass through the birth canal. Why? Who said? Here's the thing, if you say the deciding point is up to 12 weeks, what makes that different from two seconds before the full 12 weeks are up? Or two seconds before that? Or 57 hours before that? Or at any time 12 weeks before that? Or after that?

Who says?

No, Patty Murray is quite an honest individual. She admits in so many words that, yes, our laws pretty much permit murder from conception to death from old age. As a Roman Catholic she is an expert in the law, which is terrific. There should be so many Catholics in government because they are experts in administering Cain's legacy to manage the sin of a reprobate populace who'd otherwise wipe each other off the face of the earth without it. The murderous activity still happens, people are desperate to commit acts of human sacrifice against one another -- they can't help it.


You get with The Self-Sacrificer.

There are only two ways to engage in anything anywhere anyhow: The World and the Kingdom. Patty Murray, the U.S. Senate, and a good wholesome religious but reprobate society of other-sacrificers thrive in the World, and the System pounds away against them as it must.

Those who recognize it for what it is may turn from it, 180 degrees in the other direction and light years distance away from all that to the Kingdom, and to the One who still closely extends His scarred hands and feet to bring genuine healing and bountiful salvation to those who ask Him to do so, and He can because

He's already made the sacrifice.

Think you're with Him when you're convinced you're rabidly pro-life? Maybe, not my call. But I already posted some thoughts about that in my last blog entry, from a few days ago. I invite you to read that one too.

Spend a little time in prayer, to Him. Be honest and truthful with Him, He'll hear, He'll be good, He'll answer you in phenomenally miraculous ways. Just watch.

Then there'd be mercy poured out on not just those babies, but on the mothers and fathers of those babies, on all who feel in some roundabout way that murders must happen to anyone anywhere for whatever rationalization can be formed.

"The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such things there is no law."