Friday, December 20, 2019

The Tax Exemption Racket

I can't help but just put in a blog post with a link to this article I just found. (Here if they've taken it down.) It is quite sobering. What is even more amazing is it isn't the only one. I've seen dozens like it before.

It is so succinctly telling that I put a note about it, along with the link, on my website's 501c3 page. Even though I knew so much about what the article revealed, some things blew my mind.

Like the fact that there are 1.6 million non-profits out there. And many of them can be so readily registered to do its racketeering for the most heinous things on the planet. It was interesting that the author even confessed that his own newspaper is a non-profit! Suck at being a private enterprise company, just turn yourself into a non-profit!

It was also striking that he's not even sharing the things he doesn't know. He can't -- part of the whole point of the article.

The evil is all so opaque, all subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer.

It is one thing for your average World devotees to be oblivious to it all -- they don't give a shit as long as their own rent-seeking "influencers" are doing well enough. Hey, if the feds can give a glop of cash to those people, how about me?

That's one thing, it is wholly another thing for the one who authentically claims the name of Jesus to perpetuate a tax exempt non-profit incorporation.

Almost every church does.

I can only pray and pray and pray, I pray for the ungrafted church like crazy, all the time. I'm not perfect either, I have certain incorporated obligations of one sort or another. Hardly anyone doesn't.

But can we pray about it?...

Can we be truly free?

It still makes me weep. I just feel sorrow -- I can't help it. Not just for me -- I'm just as convicted -- but for my neighbors, my fellow congregants in worship... my children and grandchildren...