Monday, May 11, 2020

Don't Worry, the Prince Has Everything Under Control

Recently the political talk of coronavirus and lockdowns has faded a bit, and has shifted to the Michael Flynn case. Flynn was President Trump's National Security Advisor subjected to a serious technocratic attack for the purpose of damaging Trump's political standing. As it is some media are pointing this out, while The New York Times and all its subdivisions are still holding out that this was a legitimate justice department operation and that no one should lose sight of the fact Orange Man Still Very Bad.

Again today I listened to a few small parts of Rush Limbaugh's radio show, and a couple parts were particularly edifying. The first was his mention of a tweet by muckraker-extraordinaire Mollie Hemingway over at The Federalist, where she asked the simple question of the Michael Flynn case -- which clearly demonstrated that there was a coup of sorts among so many federal agents --"How can the mainstream media continue to thrive when they've been so plainly exposed as the most deceitful enablers of these crimes?" Essentially that's the question, I don't have the exact transcript but that was the idea.

Rush gave it a real pronounced and quite valiant attempt to explain, but it was really the same feeble old things he and other conservative-minded blappers blap about these media: they're just a mouthpiece for the leftists and they're not really journalists anymore and all that. Then after all this huffing and puffing he did confess, he actually said that he still really couldn't answer the question.

He concluded by saying, "There oughta be a price for this, but what would that price be?"

If only Rush looked a bit deeper at the best source of knowledge about these things, the Bible, he'd find the answer. It really isn't that hard to find. As I mentioned in my last post, I'd like to think Rush is a follower of Christ, I don't doubt that he is, but still. Is he willing to look closer and find the reasons the World System is the way it is? That, I don't know.

I happened to come across a couple other items of note that help us understand this whole conundrum that is not so much of a conundrum.

Victor Davis Hanson is a popular conservative writer, and sometimes when he not so turgidly bombastic (a little turgid bombasticity from me there, sorry) he has insightful things to say. He had a piece yesterday about how Obama was fully responsible for the aforementioned miscarriage of justice and that he should really be the focus of all this (something more than a few have spouted). He then concluded with this:

"How could the media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the bureaucratic state, academia, and entertainment ever process that reality: that a deity was likely the most corrupt president in a generation?"

And your answer, Mr. Hanson, is?...

Ahh. More puzzlement. I see.

See, all of these things are the state. Together they are the corrupt president, executing that necessary evil required to summarily prosecute the evildoing of a reprobate populace. Obama is nothing but a figurehead, he's a talking-head empty-suit, a piece of the profoundly compelling simulacra that make up the Americanist mythology merely doing what he was proficiently trained to do by the curriculum shoved into the university system by the Frankfurt School.

You know, the last words of Rush's show today were these, the very last words as he signed off:

"The Democrats look at him [Obama] like a god."

Sans the One True God, any of anyone else will be a god. Everyone has a god. It may indeed be the Real One, but if they refuse to turn to Him on His terms, it will by default and necessity be one of a hundred other showcased gods for maximum quality lifestyle management. Furthermore the guy Cain's legacy puts out as the most prominent to administer the media-Silicon-Valley-Wall-Street-the-bureaucratic-state-academic-and-entertainment agenda will be their selected bully to squash anyone who makes them feel more insecure.

And that individual will not only be worshiped appropriately and enthusiastically, but is allowed to be propped up for that purpose by God who also does indeed boldly but gently offer the Kingdom as an alternative to that body of death so one may enter and fully experience true joy and freedom and beauty for eternity.

The sad insecurity of the World devotee cannot be more highlighted than in this coronavirus hysteria. I heard a wise commentator somewhere say that mask-wearing is really just a sign of surrender. No disrespect to those who think they must wear them, but it is true. Scientifically mask-wearing is mostly meaningless for warding off evil diseases. Other things are indeed meaningful -- diet, exercise, hygiene, sanitation, proper ventilation in close quarters, a number of other things certainly -- and sorry, social distancing is way down the list.

Sure enough there are those who've railed against the lockdowns as draconian displays of atypically tyrannical behavior, and I must confess I've been on that railing bandwagon, as you may have seen in my previous posts. I do still consider most of those policies contemptibly foolish, but then, I'm a student of Scripture. I do share a measure of respect to those who are anxiously consumed by the fear, and when I sense that I do wear a mask around them.

But I also know what's going on. I was reminded of that in that other piece of punditry I happened to come across today, this by one Jonathan Kay in Quillette, who after writing a bit about the overload of data related to Covid-19 issues, pointed out this quite significant truth:

"I've spent a lot of time looking at this kind of data in recent weeks, and trying to tease out the policy ramifications. One of the trends that's jumped out is that the lockdown orders have tended to ratify public behaviour as much as prescribe or circumscribe it." (Emphasis his)


In and among all the rabid raging again the authoritarian nature of the lockdowns is the plain, simple, stultifyingly obvious fact that no government does anything its people don't want.

Your lockdown dictate destroying your livelihood was your order.


Mine too. All of ours. We're responsible for the economic destitution, as well as the coronavirus spread through our foolish irresponsibilities. Each one of us is equally at fault. Depending as we do on the constricting proclivities of the World, no wonder it does what it does.

Think of this anecdotal example. My wife went to the beach when I was out of town a couple weekends ago, and it was one of those Orange County beaches the California governor has been schizophrenic about opening. There were quite a few people there, but they were setting up their blankets and umbrellas pretty far apart, you know, doing their dutiful social distancing thing.

Here's the thing. My wife said there were police helicopters going back and forth, up and down the beach blaring through their megaphones, "The beaches are closed. Please go home. Be safe. Please pack up and leave the beach," that kind of thing, over and over and over again. Now, obviously, everyone just stayed. Everyone looked at how silly the whole thing was, which only really served to make law enforcement look foolishly impotent.

Here's the point, however.

Why was the state doing this to begin with?

What justification was there to have any of this lockdown business to begin with when Kay very adeptly pointed out that so many were already practicing their own lockdown protocols without any input from some governing agent who'd cite or arrest you? Why were people behaving this way when most of these protocols are worthless in addressing this medical issue?

The reason is because the numbers of people reacting to this coronavirus situation in such overblown fashion reached critical mass and they not only voluntarily did self-lockdown types of things but wanted their bully to bully those who threatened their sense of insecurity about the whole thing. It wasn't enough for them to behave responsibly themselves, they needed to enlist the services of their bully.

Someway somehow that idea got into that many heads. Someway somehow it got there. And it wasn't just some nebulous something that did it. It was indeed someone.

Do you know who it is?

Do you know who is the one person who really doesn't have do much, but does have the critically important job of monitoring and facilitating the proceedings carried through by the media-Silicon-Valley-Wall Street-the-bureaucratic-state-academic-and-entertainment players who do all the dirty work of cracking heads when asked to do so? Oh it is practically the easiest job on the planet there are simply so many who've been so rigidly indoctrinated by the Frankfurt School instruction, yet, I hate to say it...

This is the way it must be for those who simply don't want to live richly in the Kingdom.

I have nothing against anyone in any of this. People do what they're authoritatively sworn to do and if they do it well they should be commended, I can't say anything about that. All I want to do is share some things to anyone who may want to know, who may want to have a bit of understanding, who may ultimately find The Understanding, The Living Word Who Reveals All Good Things.

Here, here's something that may get you to the answer to Rush and Mollie and Victor's question. Go here. Happy to help.

The best place to go, however, is here.