Wednesday, May 06, 2020

The Reigning Dead

"All who hate [wisdom], love death."

I couldn't find a more striking, more succinct, more revelatory bit of literature than that little piece right there to describe the World right now. Or ever.

It is the 36th verse in the eighth chapter of Proverbs, by the way, and the only reason I bring it up is because I want to blog very briefly right now about something I heard today that was pretty astounding. Even though the principles are timeless and wise people live by them, I just thought it was quite profound.

I listen to Rush Limbaugh every once in a while, very infrequently in fact, but I do like him and his courage to say things straight up. I don't agree with everything he says, but I'm not getting into that. I do actually see that most of what he shares is indeed insightful, compelling, and yes, extraordinarily reflective of truthful things. Since I've been home doing my teaching with an online platform, I listened to a very small segment of his in what I believe was the very last hour of his three-hour morning radio show.

He brought this up: That the people who are stridently against opening up the economy in light of the insane amounts of unwarranted coronavirus hysteria are people who actually believe they can defeat death. I've made this point before in my previous blog posts, and I'm not the only one who's caught on to this. These people are humanist atheist materialist Frankfurt School devotees who are scared to death of dying -- that's why they're so terribly obsessed with it.

But here's the thing that Rush said that was so amazing to me. He said:

"There's only one Person who's defeated death and that is Jesus Christ."


Now in deference to his huge audience he didn't pursue that further, but that he said it was amazing to me. I'd like to believe he is indeed a firm believer, some of which may be because he likely doesn't have much longer to live with the serious lung cancer diagnosis he recently had. I hope he's on the air for many more years to come! I pray for long life for anyone, even my enemies. But I confess that I also pray for the extreme mitigation of the effects of the folly that regularly spews from so many of Cain's agents.

The truth is Rush is wise. What is the core feature of that wisdom?

As far as I can tell he is aware of his mortality and addresses it with grace, dignity, and a realistic assessment of the way things actually are.

Really, the only way you can do that is with a rich, meaningful relationship with God.

Rush added that when he saw Michael Moore's latest film about the environmental movement --one that surprisingly exposes the whole thing as a fraud -- Rush added that the film revealed the expansive environmentalist movement is one that has as its number one goal not conservation, not making the planet nicer, but it is simply

Slavering to hold back death.

What utter and contemptible folly.

That they think they can do something to make death not happen anymore, that we just spend trazillions of taxpayer-confiscated dollars to appease Gaia so there'll be no more death at all.

 And so many people out there ravage others and are themselves ravaged by it.

They are consumed by this death thing, whereas the follower of Christ knows his or her days are numbered and drops the pretense and accepts, and then with Christ loves and hopes and has faith in a God who has a transcendently spectacular country waiting for those who trust Him.

I've been reading this amazing piece by Sohrab Ahmari and in it you can read about the origins of the environmentalist materialist humanist movement and how stunningly benighted it is. In the modernist idols they worship you can see the wretched folly that lays waste to beautiful, wonderful lives.

What caught my attention was just a very simple truth, that the modernist makes an idol of precisely what the Bible specifically says is an idol in Old Testament times: Something made from the hands of a man. In the modernist's case it is the invention, the machine, the medication (vaccination against Covid-19 anyone?), something that the great god science has helped create. Inventions and machines and medications are fine things, but as idols of the materialist they destroy souls.

It is so prominent right now with this now institutionally entrenched coronavirus hysteria.

Then there is this piece, from a young scholar in The Federalist.

Talk about death worship.

Talk about virtue-signaling on massive steroid overdose, when hifalutin people legislate themselves the powerful vacuuming up of taxpayer dollars for their own huge retirement payouts. This coronavirus thing couldn't come at a better time for them, because Oregon takes in so much from inheritance taxes -- hey, the more old people dying the better, that'll help pay for those pension obligations.


Sometimes I hear the ignorant young socialist-minded Ivy Leaguer bleat that Christianity is a death cult.


True Christianity, composed of simple but wise people, is life because they follow The Life.

It is the materialist who is obsessed with death.

Thing is this destructively prevalent mindset isn't just the greatest folly, but so many who worship it make the most wide-reaching political decisions that are facilitating so much death. Well, really, as The Federalist writer pointed out, can you blame them?

It is so profitable.