Naivete About The System

I confess something right here and now. It isn't new, but it is just more pronounced these days.

I am extraordinarily naive.

I am thoroughly impressed by the way those working so dutifully in the World System so imaginatively, so industriously, and so diabolically do their noble work in the service Cain's legacy. I mean it is truly stunning when you think about it. That they can convince so many people in the most powerfully hypnotic ways to adopt principles originating in the deepest reaches of Hell is indeed an awesome thing.

The racialist and coronavirus hysteria seems to be reaching newer heights every day. And that isn't even the genius of the Ops. It is in distracting everyone from the more significant things happening that simply have to be seasoning the planet for Christ's return. Remember the kings of the east? China has got to be slavering over the way Americans are eating their own with their harrowing Stepford bleats that their neighbors must be racists deserving of some kind of fiduciary penalty for being in the ugly racial group perpetuating the evil heteropatriarchy. Never mind that this is only really happening in very few places, but the mass news media (and a few cell phone cameras) are right there to pick up the concentrated areas of the conflagration so it seems like it is pandemic -- more evidence of the Ops' genius.

I thought I'd just share a bit of what I saw this week related to the fomented attacks on neighbors for not wearing masks because we all know if they aren't wearing one they must be the most vicious kind of killers. Never mind that the numbers of cases, deaths, and transmissions are still minuscule and getting even more microscopic, yet Ops' fastidious work has kept millions perpetually scared out of their wits.

A group of doctors got some major social media attention for setting up a press conference right in front of the Supreme Court building in Washington DC. Right there they eviscerated the standard fable that Covid is the big bad monster that must keep everyone bellowing "Lions and tigers and bears oh my!" and sneering that Donald Trump is such a butthead that he can never do anything about it the big butthead.

No, they pretty much authoritatively and humbly shared truthful things. Things that some millions of Americans already know, except that... the mandarins don't want you to know those things. If you did they couldn't continue their codependent charge to be your knight in shining armor to rescue you because after all it is their job. Otherwise they wouldn't earn your vote you know, and that's the most important thing of all.

One of the doctors was an enthusiastic woman who insisted she'd treated every single one of her patients successfully with a regiment of medical items, one of which was zinc, a mineral already shown to help protect one from the effects of illness-causing contagions.

Of course after this went viral The New York Times and all its zombie toadies went to work. They discovered that she is a Christian minister who holds to the idea that demons are real and have an impact on what happens with people's health and spiritual well-being.


Except that, sorry, this is indeed a classic fallacy: discredit something truthful a person says or does by exposing and highlighting an unrelated and supposedly disturbing thing about the person.

First of all, how about we see if what she says about a Covid treatment is actually effective? 

Secondly, we are never allowed to consider that some treatments work differently on different people. This is something the "expert" media personnel never bring up -- it is always "Everybody must do x and y and z! That's the science!" No, it really isn't the science. Many times human physiological makeups are just plain different among people and different therapies work differently on because of those conditions. Many times they're not, but more times than we know they are.

Then there is the plain dismissal of the supernatural. It is clear if you respect what the Bible says that the Devil is involved in every rotten thing that happens to people in some way, somehow. Does Stella Immanuel hold some eccentric views about that? Perhaps. But I'd much rather think deeply about what she says if she is a legitimate student of Scripture.

No, the reality of deep World Operative activity is they know so well about the supernatural but want everyone they can firmly persuaded that it is all hokum. They've convinced The New York Times to declare anything they don't like be dismissed as "conspiracy theorist nonsense" without a single meaningful refutation. The humanist materialist atheist hegemonists assume their empiricist Epicurean position is the only truthful one. "Those religious dorks, they don't know science. But let's show them we can be nice and humor them even as we ridicule them openly in sophisticated but smarmy ways." 

The only solution to the demon problem, to the very real problem of demons not just exploiting Covid illnesses but of employing World Ops to keep people in a state of invigorated reprobation, is Jesus Christ. And yes, as I've written dozens of times in my webzine and blog work, he is not one of the thousands invented by the Society of Jesus, but the One written about in Scripture, the One who if you read Him there you'll find Truth and Grace.

As I look at the World and its machinations, I'm always amazed at how naive I am. I can never underestimate the insidious nature of its work. Something new and horrible always seems to show up -- this summer has featured a veritable bonanza of new ways to be terrified. I try to share some meaningful things about it all here in this blog effort, but I am so woefully inadequate. It is why I call this enterprise "Wonderful Matters," because the best thing to do is leave those things to Him. He's told us to.

"I will not concern myself with matters too great or wonderful for me..."

From the 131st Psalm. Wise words to heed in times such as these.

I thought too I'd just put in a plug for one of my own favorite home page pieces over at my webzine. I sketched it out four years ago, it is titled "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hate Speech Laws." I share a bit about how the media-academia nexus is so entrancing to those millions of people completely ill-equipped to grasp how far they've been convinced to drop themselves into the dissipation chasm.

I do say a little about Him, however. I thank Him so much He's got this.

The photo was from the Houston Chronicle, which took a YouTube screenshot.


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