Monday, March 09, 2020

Stupidity Should Be Painful, Addendum

I have to confess I really feel the way Jeremiah feels.

Yesterday I wrote a post about how stupid people can be, and I thought, wow, it is really something to say somebody is saying or doing something stupid. I even thought about deleting the post, but I'm not.

Jeremiah mentioned stupid people quite often. He did it quite notably in the fourth and fifth chapters of his prophetic book. He even hurt so much because of these people that he longed to retreat to a lodge far away in the wilderness. I mentioned it in my latest home page piece.

I thought, huh, he was saying the people who were being stupid when they shouldn't be were the people in Israel who were supposed to be the chosen ones of God ushering in the Kingdom. Should I be doing the same with people today who perhaps as ones following Cain are never supposed to be in the Kingdom in the first place? Is it my place?

Maybe not. I struggle with that. I can't deny that I feel it, as I did yesterday, simply because I see how much the stupidity destroys peoples lives and souls -- it does it so much. And yes, much like Jeremiah, I feel it so viscerally.

I'm not against a reasonable response to an epidemic. What I am against is the rank exploitation of it for financial or political gain at the expense of others. It is especially galling when powerful showmen criticize others for doing when they are doing the very same thing.

I'm not against people seeing that their retirement years are reasonably comfortable. What I am against is widely respected influencers saying Cain's arrangement of those payments is not socialist when it is, and as such it makes it that much harder to actually care for those people.

So yeah, calling a whole bunch of people stupid is just doing more of what Savonarola did 500 years ago, and I then come under quite justified condemnation. For more I invite you to peek at my webzine, where in this month's home page I merely point out that a stop the bullying campaign is, well, kind of stupid simply because you'll need a bully to enforce it.

I just have emphasize something I did write in my post, but it is very good to write it again. It is really the only reason I draw attention to anything in a writing.

Pointing out stupidity is nothing unless The Wisdom is shared as the beautiful contrast. Maybe I'm just as stupid for saying "Something is stupid," okay. We just have dueling name-calling -- yeah, the way of the World. I just don't want people hurt by the stupidity, and like Jeremiah I just feel it, that's all. And I'm just all about introducing people to The One who died for the stupidest people on the planet because He loved them so much.

That's all.