Sunday, March 08, 2020

Stupidity Should Be Painful

Have you ever seen that on a bumper sticker or T-shirt?

Stupidity should be painful.

The truth about that is that it is painful, but the thing that is so devastating about that saying is that most times the pain is experienced by those victimized by the stupidity.

Through my life I've informally cataloged about two or three dozen tremendously stupid things people say or do that too many people accept as gospel truth. Much of my ministry has been to urge my readers to do the one thing that cures stupidity.

Understand and know God.

The best way to do that is to immerse oneself in Scripture with the firm intention to, yes, understand and know God and His Kingdom and His ways and His righteousness. It really is the one antidote to stupidity.

For instance the mass media hysteria over the latest "pandemic," what they now call COVID-19, is phenomenally stupid. The New York Times et al is selling disease drama and it is hammering people in real life. It is indeed a form of human sacrifice -- not the virus but the unwarranted hysteria that is doing the job of ruining people's financial standing.

But then that is exactly what Cain's legacy is assigned to do. Shout from the rooftops of the city something they know stupid people will get sucked into getting hysterical about, then come to their rescue with all kinds of political and economic bullying -- hey, it is what they do.

It is the way the World works.

On another note I recently read a terrific piece from a very not-stupid pundit, Star Parker, about how much Social Security and Medicare is very much a form of socialism. Finally, kudos to Mrs. Parker for calling out something extraordinarily truthful.

I say this because I've read so many seemingly smart people write or say extraordinarily stupid things when they articulately rail against socialism but then add that Social Security and Medicare are not socialist. Errgh. Sorry, but very very stupid. The reason these people say this is because they are so kowtowed by the powers-that-be who've hypnotized them with socialist dogma.

Once again, please know, I'm not necessarily censuring them for their commitment to socialism. I'm not even saying anything against those who feel they must have that sliver of Cain's arranged provision of retirement care. They are products of the World System, of Cain's legacy for judicious prosecution of people's evildoing. Social Security and Medicare are simply very proficient methods for Caesar's legion of technocrats to secure allegiance and advance its legitimacy to do human sacrifice as a matter of authorized law enforcement.

Yes, it is true Social Security and Medicare will bankrupt the United States, and that will happen when this Generation X or Generation Z or whatever young-adult demographic so enamored with socialism can't keep up the rigorous production necessary to sustain it. It will reach critical mass at some point if the overarching economic philosophy that undergirds socialism continues unabated in the hearts and minds of this nation's young adult population.

Yes, there is much more about all of this. Indeed volumes through history have been written about it all. One of those is, in fact, the Bible. Please do get into the volumes! Go to school and learn what is really going on, definitely! But to cut through the stupidity consider a regular steady diet of Scripture. It really is the only thing that works.

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