The Silence of the Lambs, Covid-19 Version, Part 2

Came across something Cicero said in ancient Rome a gazillion years ago that is relevant for today, which means people were thinking and doing the same stupid things a gazillion years ago as we are today. Wow. A gazillion years and we still don't get it. ::Sigh::

He said Salus populi suprema lex esto, "The health of the people shall be the highest law."

Right now with the coronavirus hysteria swirling about so many look at that and go, "You go Caesar, you go with your lockdown procedures. I'm all in. Curses to all those who won't wear a mask or brush within six feet of someone else!" So many. So, so many. So many very smart people but very dangerous people because they simply won't take a minute to think that health means so much more than ensuring a certain ruling class' political status is exceptionally healthy right now.

Something that is just never shared in polite company these days (if there is any company) is that so many of the people getting hammered the most are those who've simply not been responsible enough to take care of their own healths, and this is the most significant thing that results in a severely compromised immune system. So, we're supposed to believe that all of these people just happened to have compromised immune systems, through no fault of their own unwise diet and lifestyle behaviors? That their disease susceptibility peril wasn't because of their own irresponsibility in taking care of themselves in some of the simplest ways? That their contribution to their obesity didn't have a major role in what happened or may happen to them?

Part of the coronavirus narrative is that Caesar didn't do enough to administer whatever it is he was supposed to administer to help these poor souls. Much of that is the racialist trope that irresponsible people's misfortune is the fault of that evil white-privileged's hegemonic oppression. ::Sigh::

Thing is, I have to keep in mind what my Lord tells me. He says all the things Caesar does to adjudicate his people's sinfulness is perfectly within the will and purposes of God. Caesar is an authoritatively legitimate potentate, so when he, his academicians, and his media personalities tell us all that we must do something that is completely counterproductive in effectively addressing any epidemiological issue, it is because God allowed it to be that way.

This is the World at work.

There is the Kingdom, too, but then this is what the entirety of this web effort is all about.

A couple weeks ago I was watching some of CBS Sunday Morning, which I actually enjoy because of the Jim Gaffigan pieces, some of the funner lighter items, and mostly the closing moment of nature which years ago was much longer -- it was longer when CBS didn't feel the need to fill its show with so much socialist, sodomist, and racialist browbeating. Um, browbeating with that nice smile, you know, that is the best kind.

Anyway, this particular show ended with host Lee Cowan smiling and breezily sharing one of those concluding inspirational notes in light of the horrific terrible dastardly ugly rotten bad bad really bad PANDEMIC we are all agonizing over -- and he concluded with two things of note. Essentially:

"It isn't so bad after all" and "Maybe we'll have a chance at a new start."

The first quote is typical pithiness to try being positive about things. And while it is true that this thing really isn't the juggernaut apocalyptic event it is made out to be, and while it is also true that we live in an age of such advanced technological innovation that we can handle these kinds of things much better than, say, when the Black Death hit in the mid-1300s, the fact still remains.

People die.

Why do we keep trying to smother that fact, and furthermore try to think we can avoid it by seeing how much Caesar can decree ventilators and small business loans for everyone? I do wear my seatbelt when in a moving vehicle, but I also know someday a Peterbilt with a blown tire will cross the middle divide and pulverize me. And if that never happens, old age will happen when I'm 108, or -- in eternal time -- in the next minute.

So then what?

Death is an awful thing. Awful awful awful. But so many have the misguided perspective that relates to Cowen's second quote there.

What exactly is that "new start"? If you believe in the mentality CBS wants you to have, it is wholly humanist, Epicurean, and fully informed by the precepts of the Frankfurt School. There is so much to unpack with that, and more, but for these purposes the new start involves doing much more to incorporate Caesar's seven-fold strength chiefly to take income from producing people and handing it to the institutionally entrenched irresponsible, to compel enthusiastic acceptance of widely publicized sexual immorality, and to codify emotional and financial reparations to the officially designated victimized classes.

That's now the grand glorious humanist crusade.

Thing is, Lee Cowan didn't invent this. If he didn't, who did?

Well, Mr. Cowan is just doing the work his boss tells him to do, really. His boss, by the way, is Susan Zirinsky, president of CBS News. You may certainly look at her background, for she too listens to the things others tell her to believe. And she too does the things her bosses tell her to do. Who are they?

A number of people could be considered filling this role, considering the whole Viacom-CBS merger was quite the soap opera. The present CEO of ViacomCBS is Bob Bakish, educated at Columbia which produces many of these media power players. The real power is Shari Redstone, a true media mogul who was educated at Tufts, a universalist college -- the idea of universalism is definitively a triumphant touchstone for a richly catholicist nation.

Still, whose words does Ms. Redstone heed? Much of what happens in the news industry is churned out by The New York Times and its people's handlers. The editor of the Times is Dean Baquet, critically instrumental at pounding the word into the mainstream psyche. Whatever it is we're supposed to believe, it goes through Mr. Baquet's hands. But then, who is his boss?

That would be the president and CEO of the New York Times Company, Mark Thompson, first educated at Stonyhurst College which prides itself on its adherence to Jesuit principles. The chairman is Arthur Sulzberger Jr, who is merely keeping the enterprise firmly in the hands of those who've been forming hearts and minds in the U.S. for almost two centuries.

Wow, seems like we've gotten to the very top, but hey, who informs their thoughts and ideas expansively strewn about? That Jesuit influence cannot be dismissed, because all of these people have been firmly indoctrinated with the Society's ruling principles somewhere somehow -- the university system is basically one, huge Jesuit conglomeration. So then who are those people?

The president of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities is Michael Sheeran S.J, but really, each of those 27 member university presidents are strictly beholden to their superior, who is the aptly titled Superior General of the Society of Jesus, one Arturo Sosa. His workload is not widely published, it doesn't really have to be. He modestly lives and humbly serves in his role ultimately managing the political, economic, and commercial affairs of all who ask him to do so. He does do his work faithfully, dutifully, and industriously.

Thing is, who is the one informing him of what he should regularly be conveying to his followers?

You can find the answer in Scripture, if you care to look.

And if you contrast what you see there with what you see the main thrusting narrative today, you'll see that everything related to the coronavirus hysteria is based on fear, codependency, and the most vigorously propelled virtue-signaling.

My wife has a friend who is scared to death of this coronavirus thing. She lives cowering in her small home afraid to go to the store. We're giving her some of our toilet paper, and no, we don't have any large stockpile or anything for surplus.

If you choose to be a Kingdom dweller, you will be able to step outside of it and gain tremendous insight into how the World System operates. No resentments, no rages, no remonstrations -- these people are doing their jobs as best as they know how based on the commitments they made many years before.

Lee Cowan is just saying what he promised to say when he took that job, the same thing that his superior told him, which is what his superior told him, which...

Do you know who your superior is?

It could be Jesus if you ask Him. Make sure you're asking Him, not one of the many other straw-man Jesuses that fill the minds of so many. Those Jesuses are just idols.

If you don't already consider this Jesus your Lord, He so wants to tell you about Him and His provision of love, righteousness, and salvation -- something to seriously consider especially in this day of extravagantly manufactured crisis spectacle.

Otherwise Jesus, as that Lamb who'd love to love you with His life, may just be silent, much like He is to those sent away from Him to do the work of Cain's legacy. Oh they're still His footstool for His purposes, true that, but I really don't think they know that.

Do you?

Here is a home page piece I wrote at my webzine a couple years ago, with the list of players in the media-academia power nexus at that time, to give you an idea about the true complexion of our battle, not against these people but against the powers and principalities that inform them. Even better check out what happened when God sent these people out to form the narrative to begin with, here. And here's just a bit for those wondering who exactly it is when referring to "Caesar."


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