The Silence of the Lambs, Covid-19 Version, Part 4

The silence continues to be deafening, the volume quite intense. It'd be nice to have Jesus and His wisdom being widely broadcast, but those who say they're His seem to tarry. I do see some out there boldly sharing solidly truthful things, even at some cost to their reputation, their livelihoods... that's good -- it's what Jesus' call to agape sacrifice was all about.

But when watching the World System have its way with so many of its devotees, as it is with this coronavirus hysteria, wow, it is extraordinarily sad. They're exceedingly vocal.

I happened to see even Dr. Phil, a rousing product of the World himself, was eviscerated by The New York Times network of social media cronies when he actually shared some of those very uncomfortable truths about the reality of the coronavirus situation. (Please visit my other blog posts from earlier and the links therein to see more of what those things are.)

No wonder there are so many who are silent.

I came across an amazing Psalm that speaks to this exact thing. May I share it with you? It is the 39th.
"I said, 'I will guard my ways so that I may not sin with my tongue; I will guard my mouth with a muzzle, as long as the wicked are in my presence. I was speechless and quiet, I was silent, even from speaking good, and my pain intensified. My fire grew hot within me, as I mused, a fire burned, I spoke with my tongue: 
"'"Lord, make me aware of my end and the number of my days, so that I will know how short-lived I am. In fact you have made my days just inches long, my life span is nothing to you. Yes, every human being stands as only a vapor. Yes, every person goes about as a mere shadow. Indeed they rush around in vain, gathering possessions, without knowing who will get them. 
'"Now, Lord, what do I wait for? My hope is in you. Rescue me from all my transgressions."'"
How visceral is this. How deeply compelling, that one who understands and knows God simply cannot keep from sharing the reality of things -- it burns from within to say nothing! When you see people foolishly leaping into that greased chute straight to Hell, you just can't be silent.

Please read the entire Psalm. For that matter read much more of Scripture, read some every day. Prayerfully. Communally. Discover each of us is indeed just a glob of dust, and with a breath God can disperse our atoms to the winds.

But He also has the power to deliver you from folly, clothe you in righteousness, and embrace you firmly. And He would do that so you may live with Him in His Kingdom for eternity, not only at some point later but right now.

Do you know the very last thing Jesus said to anticipate before His return? You know, He said there'd be earthquakes and wars and rumors of wars, all that stuff, but those things still happen all over the place now. I'm sure there'll be more of it on the eve, I got that. But what about that very last thing to watch for? Just before -- BAM. Might be something to consider what Jesus said it was, being it was a time He was, thankfully, not silent about. Here, again, from Scripture:
"There will be signs in the sun, moon, and stars; and there will be anguish on the earth among the nations bewildered by the roaring of the sea and the waves. People will faint from fear and expectation of the things that are coming on the world, because the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Then they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory."
These particular things have not come close to happening yet, no matter how much astronomers (and a few Christians who fancy themselves quite the prophets) point out some relatively novel celestial event. No, this stuff is major, and while it hasn't yet happened the striking thing to note when it does happen is the abjectly overwhelming fear emanating from all the World System players: the visible political leaders, the administrators and professors in academia, the ecclesiastical poobahs, the journalist mandarins, even a few Hollywood A-listers (or B-listers for that matter as long as they serve the cause) -- anyone who the System shoves into the limelight to regularly tell us all what we're supposed to believe and how we're supposed to behave based in the precepts of Cain's legacy.

They will all be utterly shellshocked at the things that will happen to the heavens and the earth.

The follower of Christ will not be.

With this manufactured test-run of Caesar's power over a reprobate populace, this coronavirus crisis, it is interesting how fearful they are, and how fearful they expect us all to be. They're doing terrific codependent enabling, screeching about how much it is their responsibility to rescue us. I mean, take a look at the rampant virtue-signaling, damn they're good! They are so on top of all the things they must do to keep us convinced we're not liable to be vaporized in the next minute!

There is a contrasting perspective. The follower of Christ knows his redemption is near as it says there in that 21st chapter of Luke. That is, it is arriving in the next minute, and he or she revels in it with the greatest joy. During the minute before this they may speak from their hearts about how much they love another with Christ's love. Then they will be called to their true home.

Know what else? Jesus proves He will do it. Many slough off this Jesus stuff as fairy-tale silliness, and often it comes with grand displays of conciliation so as to not look too intolerant. This is the Epicureanist-smothered world in which we live. Yet while many say Jesus never openly said He was God -- ahem, I don't know how you can't be God and come out of a cloud in power and glory -- they simply haven't done their research.

This is from the 22nd chapter of Luke, when Jesus was on trial before the temporal authorities, and He was quite silent most times when asked about His standing -- again, simply because saying anything is far too frequently pointless when speaking to those who've already willfully refused to grasp Truth. Here, He says two words, out of the silence resounds the most important two words in history. Two words.

I am.

Here's how it went down:
The elders of the people, both the chiefs priests and scribes, came together and led Him into their council, saying, "If You are the Christ, tell us." 
But He said, "If I tell you you will by no means believe, and if I ask you, you will by no means answer. Hereafter the Son of Man will sit on the right hand of the power of God." 
Then they said, "Are You then the Son of God?" 
So He said to them, "You rightly say that I am."
He is The I Am. There was no question that here before everyone in the world they were asking Him, "Are you God?" When He answered this way, He was also acknowledging that they knew it too. He is correct, they were correct, and all listening were correct. His listeners, however, could not bear to come to terms with what this meant, so they crucified Him. Get rid of Him.

It is much what the World does to Him today. Dismiss Him and replace Him with one of their own Jesuses so they could feel better about themselves, never mind the raging truth that they are vapors and only by the mercy and lovingkindness of this God may they live past the next minute.

Maybe this is something God is doing with this coronavirus situation: Get people to see how fearful and frantic the agents of Cain are, how much they are willing to foment such human sacrifice with all the forced economic deprivations -- and maybe, just maybe there will be a critical mass of people who'd turn from this and dwell in the Kingdom with Jesus as their Lord -- in life, in death, in sadness and in joy, in eternity and in the beauty and glory that is Him and the worship of Him in Spirit and in Truth with fellow travelers: family, friends, even enemies who've desired to join with one another in love and fellowship no matter what.

How awesome would that be when this coronavirus thing dissipates. Oh it'll still hang around in some form for Caesar's minions to exploit. And there'll be something else totally different down the pipeline that'll be just as heinously threatening, certainly.

But it will pale to what the Kingdom brings.


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