The Silence of the Lambs, Covid-19 Version, Part 5

I can't deny that I absolutely love The Babylon Bee. It is The Onion only way better. It so often cuts to the heart of what's really going on, and it makes me laugh. I so need that because my heart is so often shredded by the insanely dangerous stupidity that is smothering us all right now.

Here's a taste related to that very thing. This very fun "infographic," I'd like to share it here -- again, courtesy of The Babylon Bee.
The items in it speak for themselves, but that last one is worth noting, simply because it is true: All the ugliest virtue-signaling smothered in the sweetest creamiist lushishist Frankfurt School plap is really about striving valiantly but ever-so futilely to defeat death on one's own terms. It is the very first lie ever put forth. You know what it is, and so extremely sorrowfully so many have it bronzed and hoisted right there at the front of the very souls:

"God said you would die? Well, not really..."

This is really the main main main crux of what is going on with the stultifyingly destructive lockdown policies being ramrodded through everything now. Everyone believing their humanist socialist materialist Epicurean (or maybe Herculean) efforts will fully bring about the thing that will keep death away, and if you don't get on board you're the worst kind of bigoted Neanderthal murderer.

And millions are on board, even people I know and love and appreciate as very good friends. Even the very best, kind, righteous Christians are seduced -- I see them remarking and commenting with these inanities all over Facebook and elsewhere. It is extraordinarily sad.

But again I know why they do that.

They have a Jesus, whichever one it is.

Even the most rabid atheist has a Jesus, the one he worships and to whom he has given his soul. He may hiss and holler that he doesn't have one, but he does. He may screech at the top of his lungs that he doesn't have a Jesus, but his Jesus is the one that tells him to say he doesn't have one for fear others will think he's some religious nut.

That's just as much a Jesus as any.

I bring this up because there is indeed a way to defeat death. Death is always, in every instance, a rotten terrible thing. No one wants it. Yes, I know it is a relief for the gravely terminally ill in great pain to finally pass away, I got that. But why have it to begin with?

Jesus took care of it, putting Himself on "the tree," giving His life so we could again have access to The Tree of Life. But Jesus had to take out the sin in each one of us before we could live together in joy and beauty and wonder in God's presence forever, because, well, it is simple.

It is one thing to die, it is wholly another thing to live forever in one's sin, and around a bunch of people who want to sin against you. That is truly the worst thing that could even happen to anyone. The absolute worst, just think about it.

God took care of that problem.

And hey, if you don't want it, the World has laid out a hundred different Jesuses for you to worship, that's cool. They'll make you feel good, even feel good about your attempts to defeat death and pound your chest about how hard you're working to do it.

Please. Read to your children. Drive as safely as you can, even expecting the vehicle itself to have reasonable safety features. Heed the instructions for climbing a ladder. Great stuff. In fact you know the one infection prevention activity never talked about? Works wonders: Brush your nails in the shower with a non-antibacterial soap, every night. I do this, and since I started several years ago I've rarely gotten sick.

Please please. All of these are very good, wholesome, fully God-approved things to do.

But they won't make you alive, and they won't tell you about all the ways people can die without their bodies immediately ceasing to function. That's another facet of this life-death thing that I just don't thing the intractable humanist gets. It is that the human sacrifice that must be carried out on behalf of the authoritative work of Cain's legacy -- in this case with interminable lockdown expectations and ferocious Covid-19 shaming -- can often be very slow and painful.

Sin makes people dead just as much as a lethal case of Covid-19 infection. It is in fact worse because without Jesus being the atonement for that sin, one's death just lasts forever, whether it continues right after the virus, a Peterbilt crushing your Prius on the freeway, or a lockdown policy that destroys your very livelihood.

That latter one, just as much death as anything.

So yeah, I've got it now! I know what to say! Anytime someone says, "Stay in your home all the time," or "Wear a mask and stay six-feet away!" or "Don't go out shopping for anything" I should just blap back at him or her "YOU JUST WANT PEOPLE TO DIE!"

I think I'd get the strangest looks. Really.

Which is again, why we're back to the original idea of this blog series. It is why people stay silent. Why mess with that shit. Countless times in Scripture, especially in Proverbs it talks about the foolishness of trying to reason with fools. You just can't do it.

So yeah, at least we can be lambs.

We can be lambs following The Shepherd who knows that ultimately the evil will be used as footstool for the good God will do before it is done away with altogether, and eventually there will be a New Jerusalem with no more pain and no more crying.

That's the only reason I write anything, share anything anywhere anytime anyway -- that some listener or reader will turn to The Shepherd and be His.

After all, He is The Life.


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