Notorious RBG Certainly Deserved Her Notoriety

Yesterday Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. She was 87 and in poor health. Known as "Notorious RBG," a sobriquet of reverence to those who considered her a largely successful champion of their freedoms. She was a true hero to those whose god is their feelings -- I've recently written a bit about that idea I term the pathodicy.

From a news program I happened to screenshot this image. It struck me as quite profound, for you see, RBG was certainly doing the work of Georgetown University, the preeminent institution for public policy implementation and arrangement. She didn't attend the school or have a position there, but the photograph demonstrates she was engaged with it in some way. You'd think in this instance she was providing grand judicial wisdom for all, but instead she was merely reflecting on what she herself was so proficiently taught. There it is, Georgetown law -- I thought, hmm, I thought she was into making sure the law didn't interfere with the lifestyle choices of her devoted minions?

The answer is too simple, but it seems a bit beyond those who've joined Cain in his jaunt from the presence of God Almighty. The socialist sodomist racialist crusaders who raaage against that pesky standard of morality are perfectly happy to use the force of judicial decree to elevate their stature.

It is too exquisitely Jesuitic. Enlist the power of government to do the dirty work in allowing reprobate behavior to be firmly injected into the Americanist bloodstream. It is indeed what Cain's seven-fold strength requires, and it is indeed what the Jesuit university system led by Georgetown is legitimately authorized to do.

Ginsburg's legacy: millions more babies murdered in their very mothers' wombs with the plain but far too dismissed complicity of those who fathered them, tens of millions caught up in accusing one another of racism at every turn setting the stage for another civil war, hundreds of millions celebrating sexual immorality on a massive scale by virtue of a ruling that keeps civil authorities from preventing the certified sanction of wedded unions founded on that immorality -- there's more, but that's good for now.

All of this absolutely shreds the social fabric of our nation -- and you see its fruit, in the streets of the big cities now with wretchedly misled youth committing horrific acts of murder and demolition in the name of what RBG favored. You see it in the halls of our civic meeting houses -- the worst emotional and spiritual violence heaved at one another. Our worship assemblies are filled with pusillanimous leaders who haven't an ounce of courage to find ways to gather amidst the insane coronavirus hysteria. And the worst of it is in our homes, familial breakdowns the result of an absurd absence of deep abiding transcendent virtu -- note, virtu, not just virtue -- leading to horrific despondency, drug abuse, and suicide.

Without question, the decisions RBG made were extraordinarily abominable. But please, I don't want to pick on her. Anybody in positions of authority who commit the acts of human sacrifice that RBG did are also liable as objects of the most righteous judgment.

The law condemns them justly.

And the irony.

"Georgetown law."

Which leads to this question. Is RBG right now in Heaven, or in Hell? I can't make that call. Only God can. But it still makes me think. Really, all there is ultimately is our eternal destiny. We're all dying in the next minute anyway, in the eternal perspective.

If RBG was responsible for getting us to see the abject horror of our sin, even if it was enabling it and energizing it and showcasing it with her pandemically adopted adjudicating, and there are some who do actually see the harrowing dissipation of what emanated from her work and in turn do come to Christ...

Well then? After all, Tupper Saussy's Rulers of Evil does clearly tell us that the Jesuits are indeed performing a tremendous service authorized by God Himself to have the RBGs of the world dutifully fulfill Cain's task of evil mollification for the purpose of getting people to see what they are doing with their lives and then turn 180 degrees to the Kingdom. It's difficult, but in that way I am compelled to join with those who did believe she was a goddess of sorts and enthusiastically proclaim "Touche, Ms. Notorious RBG, you've performed well, precisely as you were sworn to do as a deputized Jesuit, very commendable indeed."

Funny, the 59th Psalm speaks of the people who do this work. Go ahead and read it, you'll see them described quite aptly there. What is interesting is that those victimized by them want those people to remain alive just to serve as reminders about how diabolical they are, lest they forget. Look, there in verse 11. You can't miss it. I mean, Ruth Bader Ginsburg may have passed but it does seem Notorious RBG remains alive and well, what with the theatrical persona amplified by the spiffy stage name. 

The key though is Who God Truly Is, that's there in that Psalm, too. It is full-on theodicy, the consideration that God is justified in what He does by His very character, and while there is a lot to that it does include the full expression of His love demonstrated at Calvary, the only place where God does the work of fulfilling true justice on our behalf with His own exhaustively perfect passion for each one of us.

"Mercy triumphs over judgment."

RBG was about the pathodicy, that we can live richly by draconian rulings based on our feelings and labor industriously to judge and judge and judge even more ferociously than ever before to try valiantly to assuage those feelings. It doesn't matter the party or ideology or powerful interest group organization the pathodicy is the basis of standard procedure for striving to get those feelings sated no matter what atrocities result. 

Without Christ those feelings will never be sated. Never. With Christ, however, one may confidently understand He lets the RBGs of the World have their reign, as they must, but only so we might never lose sight of the hell that is our sin, but then also turn and embrace the bountiful heaven that is an infinitely greater Salvation.



The screenshot was from a Fox News television piece on RBG.



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