The Invisible Christ, Addendum

In my last post I raved about the latest major motion picture rendition of The Invisible Man, and I will tell you I did finish the film. Sure enough what I thought was going to happen did happen, but there were enough twists and turns to make it interesting. Regrettably the protagonist, the one who was in a very real sense the invisible woman, turned out to be just as murderously psychopathic as her whacko lover and his brother.

Thing is I just wanted to add a couple things about Jesus, the most important invisible man.

I'd pointed out that Jesus is really an invisible man because so many simply do not see Him. He is very real, He is very much God, and He very much loves so much that He gave His life for each one of us specifically to satisfy the very just justice that must be executed against sinners such as ourselves. The problem is Cain's legacy which lifts up as its ecclesiastical manifestation the Roman Catholic Church produces hundreds of Christs for the purpose of keeping their devotees in line with all kinds of elaborate spiritually engorging pyrotechnics so the Real Live Jesus is, yes, pretty much invisible.

But some fascinating things I did remember the Bible speaking to, related to this "invisibility of Jesus" thing.

One, you do know that Jesus occasionally vanished from the middle of crowds, moved through walls, and disappeared from sight in an instant. When He was here on earth, in the flesh. Look it up, go ahead. They're there, those instances. I know I rarely hear about them referenced in church messages and such, but whenever I've read things about Him just leaving an overbearing situation in such supernatural ways, I've thought, wow, this Guy is really something.

He really was, in that sense, the Invisible Man.

Even with the invisibility things He did then, and the invisibility He has now for those who simply refuse to want to see Him -- it's cool, if you don't want to see Him He won't make you, He's cool with that... 

Except that...

He will be very visible sometime soon.

The Bible clearly declares in a number of different places, some from Jesus' own lips, that when He returns He will be very visible indeed. It is unmistakable, the Bible says everyone will see Him. You simply won't miss Him. You will so much not miss Him that you'll want mountains to drop on top of you because you know what His return really means. Yes, that's there in Scripture. If that sounds too crazy, don't argue with me, argue with The Book.

But it is perfectly reasonable. And extraordinarily righteous.

He extends His nail-scarred hands to you right now. Take them, but you'll have to give up your own lethally murderous conceptions, and the beloved little faux-World System Jesus you so adore.

Then you may have the astounding privilege of being quite visible to The One who loved you and adopted you and has always wanted you to revel in the beauty and wonder and joy of The Kingdom. You don't even have to do anything but

Let Him be visible to you.

"I will turn darkness to light in front of them." From Isaiah, 42nd chapter.


The photo of the Buddy Jesus is from my file.



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