The Pathodic Witch Hunt

Scanning through the television channels looking for a decent movie (very hard to find these days) or a compelling sporting event (impossible without being shown how racist they think you are), I happened to see there in the guide scrolling on by those half-hour nightly news shows.

I actually felt a bit of fear rising up in my soul, and I'd never had that happen before. I know it was because in that instant I wondered what kind of ungodly garbage they were bilging right then and there. It wasn't too long ago that I'd peruse some of what they had on there, just to get a taste of what's going on and their take on it, but now?... It is simply too harrowing. It is really hard to watch these people say inane things with a straight face over and over and over again.

So I bravely peeked at Rachel Maddow tonight, just to see, just to see if it was as wretched as it has become. I was not disappointed. In those couple of moments I tuned in she had on some expert experienced top public service apparatchik of some stripe, who was speaking to a New York Times report about some other seasoned hifalutin bureaucrat being censured for claiming that there is a left-wing hit squad out there. The gall! What a conspiracy theorist numbskull -- and right there in our own precious US government!

So they make a partial hangout of this silliness when there are actual real-live actual left-wing hit squads right now roaming the streets murdering police officers and destroying livelihoods in major cities right now. I have no idea why you shouldn't be calling them anything else.

This is much like the horrifically loud shrieking about how dangerous this thing QAnon is. Have you seen how these mainstream news outlets scream bloody murder about it? Go ahead and Google it. Right away you see story after story after story from CNN and MSNBC and the New York Times about how eeeevil QAnon is. Huh? A really-not-much-of-anything conspiracy discussion that has showed up on remote 4Chan platforms -- this is really that much of a threat?

And the supposed horrific thing they are talking about is that the QAnon folks think there is a child abduction ring going on through pizza restaurants. Okay, is that true or not? First of all no one can say this isn't happening -- I'm not saying it is, but I don't know that and these news media people don't know that either. But hmm, they are quite insistent it isn't happening -- why the stridency? If it isn't really happening then what's their beef?

Secondly, they screech about QAnon's claim when, sure enough, the worst sexual immorality is going on right in front of our eyes out in the open for all to behold.

Recently my wonderful state, California, passed into law AB 145, essentially reducing penalties for pederasty. The rationale is you can't have light penalties for some people committing rape while having heavier penalties for others. Ah, I see. Okay. Let's do more to protect the sodomist criminal. That's perfectly fine.

Fortunately there are many who are vehemently objecting to this, so there is the idea that some around here still hold to some sense of morality as an important feature of community order, discipline, and peace. But wow, there sure aren't as many as there should be authentically upholding those things, or we wouldn't have come this far to begin with.

What's more, those of us who do see these things will be the ones prosecuted, not to mention the initial persecution certainly, for actually thinking there should be some meaningful civil legislation and enforcement related to sexual crimes. Actually a bit vocal about how you know homosexual activity is a sexual assault crime to begin with? You're cancelled, sometimes with the most extreme prejudice.

This means the subject of the witch hunts these days will be the same as the subjects of all socialist revolutions. And the ones moving it forward will be those whose pathodicies have overridden any sense of decency and common sense. It has happened in every one of these kinds of social convulsions, every single time, all the time. In the most peril now are the ones who uphold those traditional standards. So yeah, maybe Rachel et al on MSNBC are correct after all, we shouldn't be calling them left-wing hit squads when they're merely left-wing adjustment bureaus, that's cool.

Guh? The pathodicy? What is that about? Well, these notes are mostly just posted here to introduce my latest home page piece. I am so busy right now with what my job encompasses related to remote work that I've had to wait this long, all the way into the middle of September, before I could even blog to introduce it.

But it is here. It is about this thing that consumes the psyche of people who do not know God as He is in real reality but think they do, and they try to show you they think they do by pounding out massive amounts of good works to ensure they are on the good side of Cain's brother-keeping activity.

Oh. So much more to cover with this. So much more. Much of the much more includes where this present conflagration originates -- the light is rarely ever shone on the deepest of deepest political machinations involved. Even more significant is how much Christ should be ministered into all of this -- the law only means anything when the bountiful mercy of God is infused into the equation... But wow... where is that happening as it should be. We're just too Catholicized, but then that's more of the more to get into.

For now, just this for you to consider. Would love to know what you think. Thank you for your readership nonetheless.


The photograph is from my file, but it is of a well-known street artist for putting up billboards with striking social commentary. This one erected two years ago directly relates to the sexual crimes hifalutin Hollywood people get away with all the time.



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