The Invisible Christ

One of the very best thriller movies I have ever seen is The Invisible Man, the most recent one starring Elisabeth Moss. This film is classified as a horror film, but while I'm a fan of horror films, I can't stand slasher films which is what most of them are these days. Ptooie. But good thriller films I love, and The Invisible Man has launched itself into my top ten favorite films period. (Ironically there was a significant part of this film that featured some bloody slashing.)

Thing is I haven't even seen the end of the film yet. I have gotten to the point in my life where I can't even watch a movie in one sitting. My binge watching is taking in a good film over the course of a few days, that's pretty much it. Right now I'm halfway through The Invisible Man and I already think it is amazing. Wait, how is that when I haven't even seen the whole thing? By the way, I know nothing about what's going to happen next, but my guess is she retrieves the invisibility suit she made when she snuck back to that laboratory, and then somehow finds the guy and messes with him. That's what I think, but if something else crazy happens that's cool too -- it has been so good. Oh, and she's just found out she's pregnant too, so I'm eagerly awaiting what happens with that!

The main reason I've so enjoyed this film is because I can so connect with the main character, her name is Cecilia Kass. In fact, the genius of this film is that it really should be titled The Invisible Woman, and not because I think she herself may become invisible later in the story. Guh?

So far she has discovered her psycho boyfriend has made himself invisible and that he's been stalking her, messing with her, even murdering people and framing her for it. She's the only one who knows that he has the capability to do this, and she's the only one who's "seeing" the things he's been doing -- he's even been physically assaulting her when she's alone!

Everyone else thinks she's crazy. Not only that, but people like her boyfriend's lawyer brother are manipulative pricks who are merely protecting themselves from his evil intentions and ensuring they get paid. What she knows as totally, fully, completely true about her predicament is willfully invisible to those who should know better. Thus she is, the invisible woman.

This is exactly how World devotees behave. System Ops must leverage every single psychological advantage they can to do their jobs. The faithful are enslaved to the fear of what can happen to them if they don't dutifully comply with The Lie, even though the fully established Truth and liberating Grace of Christ's Kingdom are plainly there for them to fully experience.

The trick is that they simply can't see it. Putting their trust in princes, they've joined Cain out of the presence of a God who'd deliver them from the ruthless clutches of the pathodicy and those who manipulate it. They can't see that the militant order of the Roman Catholic Church is the one doing that work as it should, legitimately dictating the governing conditions to anyone and everyone who has the power to sustain that slavery.

Never mind railing against it, you're pushing against the institution God authorized to mitigate the effects of evil with an even stronger evil. Never mind sloughing off how many people are enamored with it -- without Christ they need its obsessive adjudication of brutally lawful things to keep some meaningful constraints on their own habitual sin.

This doesn't mean the follower of Christ doesn't feel it deeply when they simply refuse to see.

Hence, the genius of The Invisible Man. No matter what happens, many people refuse to see. The consequences of that refusal often results in the most horrific deaths. Just look at what is happening with the coronavirus hysteria and racialist hysteria. It is right now a double whammy of the most vicious System machinations.

People wearing masks may say "Behind this mask is a person who cares." Not really, the current Covid policy is a huge lie. Behind the mask is more likely someone enslaved to unrighteous fears injected into them by a deceitful potentate. We're supposed to be terribly freaked out about the proven inflated 200,000 Covid deaths, when the reality of almost 300 million people worldwide pushed into poverty and starvation from the Covid hysteria-driven lockdowns is, well, invisible.

People hitting the streets rioting may say "We're showing we're anti-racist." Not really, anti-racism is merely the current form of the ugliest hate and discrimination. Behind those masks are people just as enslaved to the precepts the System bilges into ill-equipped minds. Masks in either instance are themselves contemptibly dehumanizing, making people faceless drones in the grip of those whose only job is to baste them for dinner.

In my devotional this morning I read a phenomenal chapter, the eleventh of Deuteronomy. In it God emphasizes all the glorious things He has done and is doing in the lives of the Israelites. It is astounding for two key reasons related to the theme of this post.

First, He is not shy about citing the difficulties the Israelites have endured, but He emphasizes that it is because they've been liable to follow after other gods. God lets people decide themselves, you can follow those other gods and suffer by those peoples' wickedness -- oh yeah He mentions that too. Or you can choose to follow Him -- He loves you so much that you are totally free to choose. Then you will find all the beauty and wonder of The Kingdom, which He graphically describes there in great detail. That's really the fascinating thing about that second thing:

He Himself is invisible. You cannot see God as He is or you'd be fried. In so many instances, the Bible is explicit about how extraordinarily dicey it is to behold His glory in any small measure. Moses was privileged to see Him, but it was no small thing at all. Even so the truth is He shows us Who He is and what He does all the time. It wasn't just for the Israelites, but for anyone who calls on His name right now.

Thing is, who are the people who are interacting with the people who have His True Name on their lips? Who are the people asking Him to share those truthful things with them? Who are those who're reading His words and as such forming extremely well-functioning bullshit detectors? Who are those seeing the System for what it is and understanding what it is about, but then listening carefully to the Cecilia Kass' around them telling them that God is very real even though you can't see Him in the way the autotheists say you should and because of that you must conclude He just doesn't exist?

I connect with Cecilia Kass not just because I write about this stuff and so few people respond to it. I don't matter at all. It is that so few people see any of these truths. So many are so Catholicized and blind being so. It is also how much authentic followers of Christ are gaslit all the time by people who humor them but firmly believe they're crazy.

No, it is the people crushed by the designs of those deep Ops. They deserve the greatest genuine sympathy. Look at all the people wearing masks. Look at all the people with "Black Lives Matters" signs on their lawns. There are so many of them. I do feel exceptionally sorrowful for them.

But I get it. Just watched much of The Invisible Man, it is too intense, too viscerally compelling, those truths. It is just too much.

Even much, much more: "There is now no condemnation for those who are are in Christ Jesus, because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death."


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