The Pathodic Witch Hunt, Addendum

Even though I have no time, I simply cannot neglect to add a post about the pathodic witch hunt after writing one yesterday. Note this is not pathetic witch hunt, but a much more harrowing version of it, this one involving people's desire to commit vicious acts of human sacrifice while thinking they are doing it for God. I put a few more thoughts in my latest home page piece at my webzine.

But I thought, real quick -- huh, the particularly atheist humanist materialist reader consumed by his or her pathodicy may ask a very good question.

What about your "witch hunt"? The Western Christian white-man's hegemony with those morals and laws you so cherish, why isn't your prosecutorial activity a witch hunt as much as you claim ours is?

Great question, really. I did say a lot about the overbearing nature of the law. Of this thing moral standards that followed by most makes a decent society for all to enjoy. I did say that didn't I, with the clear intimation that if one doesn't follow those laws, well, there should be some kind of enforcement carried out.

The first part of my response comes in a great piece published today by Dennis Prager. I'm not crazy about everything Mr. Prager writes or says, but he does share some great insights and often just gets right to the main idea. Here he does that exceptionally well.

It is very clear. The leftist today, or at any time really, rejects transcendent standards of right and wrong. The only thing that determines what is right or wrong is whether someone is weaker in stature related to class, race, sex, or power. That's really a critical part of the pathodicy. If someone is weaker than another in those areas, the weaker one should prevail with all available force necessary employed to liberate him or her. Extraordinarily observant is Mr. Prager, he puts it so succinctly.

Here's the issue with that however. On what basis does the radical socialist sodomist racialist base his or her position? By what authority does his or her philosophy about liberating the downtrodden prevail? On what authoritative standard should the weak have some kind of superior consideration with our ethical judgments? They may say they don't make judgments, but that is itself a judgment and thus a logical inconsistency. In another recent piece William Voegeli writes of the same thing and points out that their only answer is the "It's turtles all the way down" plap.

Sorry, but Jesus has the better answer. When asked where He got His authority, He said simply "From the Father." What He's saying here is that moral standards come from that transcendent authority, Someone most call God, and that they are actually laid out quite clearly in the Ten Commandments.

That's just it, isn't it? To the leftist atheist humanist materialist socialist sodomist racialist Frankfurt Schooled revolutionary, the Ten Commandments are a product of that Western Christian white-man's hegemony, and as much as those rules are oppressive they are then invalid for the downtrodden. It has gotten to the point when someone makes the points I made in my last post, for so many it is like speaking a language from another planet. Murder? Theft? Sexual assault? Ferocious dismissal of God altogether? Perfectly okay if you're the perpetually victimized.

Wow, what amazing work the Jesuits have done. They've truly hit their mark. Watch the culture war conflagration get hotter, get brighter, and take more and more lives.

See, that's the second thing in all of this. It is that all of this is contrived by the Legacy of Cain embodied in Rome's militant offices. Look deep within the origins of the leftist manifestos and you will see the work of the Society. It has happened for hundreds of years, convulsively through history, certainly -- it is merely happening all over again for those hypnotized into believing there is no God and old white men are evil and the standards of Lenin's ruthless pathodicy must prevail on behalf of someone assumed to be unfairly disadvantaged.

But that's not the final part of it. If it was then we are simply living Hell on earth. The final part is the Final One, the Alpha and the Omega. He is our Deliverance from this nightmare of abject dissipation and death.

He is our Only Hope.

I do know that many living by the pathodicy have been convinced this Person is the Roman Catholic one and as such must be reviled as one cog in the great oppression machine. That's why understanding Rome's role in making all this happen -- a quite legitimate function by the way, authorized by God Himself by the way! You can read about it in the fourth chapter of Genesis -- that's why understanding this is critical for you to so incisively grasp that there is a Savior who'll truly free the leftist from the grip of that cultic racket, and by His love can he or she fully and richly minister to those who need His mercy shone through his present disciple.

Want to still do the radical revolutionary stuff in the name of socialism and sodomism and racialism? Knock yourself out. But not only will you continue to experience Hell on earth interminably chewed up by the voracious wokerati, but the one running the whole operation will continue to shackle your soul for eternity.

Indeed, there is more. So much more. But that's what the conversation is for. Jesus does want us to have vibrant interaction with Him and with one another based on His mercy and grace, ongoing, for eternity. As always, would love to know what you think.


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