A Tale of Two NASCAR Drivers

I love NASCAR racing. I actually like all auto racing. I love fast cars and fast car drivers duking it out on the speedway. When you have a favorite driver, even if you're picking a couple of them to win a ten-lap race at the local race track, it is a blast. Sometimes you're sadly disappointed, other times it is wonderfully exhilarating when your guy or gal wins.

NASCAR is probably the most popular circuit out there right now, but I'd bet it's popularity will dwindle because of the racialist attacks against its most faithful fans. The sport has already seen a noticeable drop in attendance and viewership much because it has become too tied to identity politics. I mean, really, some people can only be called a bunch of racist rednecks so much.

If you saw what happened this past Sunday, it wouldn't be surprising to see the stands remain empty even after the coronavirus hysteria has eased up a bit more and a few more fans are welcomed back to the tracks to watch races in person.

After black driver Darrell Wallace lied through his teeth about discovering a noose hanging in his garage, and continued to lie about the magnitude of such an instance after it was revealed the noose was merely a garage door pull-rope, the entirety of the NASCAR racing personnel paused before the Talladega race and walked in a parade pushing Wallace's No. 43 car out front of the whole thing. Wallace stood on the car's running board and took a selfie with everyone behind him showing their support for momentarily not being racist those racist bastards thank goodness they're making the statement about how racist they are and how much they wish they weren't.

I thought, wow. What a browbeating. There are NASCAR drivers I do really like. I like Brad Keselowski and Kyle Busch, the way they fight for position is near-legendary. I like these newer drivers, Chase Elliot and Ryan Blaney, NASCAR pedigree and excellent drivers in their own right. I like a number of drivers and it just doesn't matter what color skin they have.

What if, as everyone was heading out for the pre-race demonstration, someone like, say, Chase Elliot said, "I think I'll sit this one out."

A NASCAR official, just checking around to see if everyone is unanimous in support of the racialist crusade -- NASCAR being such a high-profile sport and all -- asks him, "Why?"

Elliot replies, "I like Darrell Wallace, he's a friend, but I like him because he's a good guy and a good driver. I also like Kyle Larson, he's a good guy too who made a mistake, and I know how badly he feels about it. As for African-American drivers, sure it'd be great for there to be more of them, if they're good I'd love to race them, challenge them, and I know they'd appreciate my challenge to them. How about seeing some Asian drivers out there, if they can show us what they've got. Takuma Sato, a Japanese driver, did it in IndyCar, awesome."

Elliot continues, "Otherwise, this whole display is so disrespectful because it is just a show. It is so disrespectful to blacks everywhere because the only reason we're doing this thing is to please the marauding racialists and make a fake showing how magnanimous they want us to look. So what if we go out on the pit runway and pretend we care? Do we really care? And is caring only what the Black Lives Matter people tell us they want us to care about, or can we genuinely care about the real slavery that is impacting all kinds of people now, not just black people, and do it in ways that are actually meaningful and helpful?"

What if someone like a Chase Elliot did that? What if he said that? What if he took a very principled stand like that?

I'll tell you what would happen.

The New York Times vultures, already there watching everything, would look and check to see that every one of the NASCAR drivers slated to be in a racing vehicle for that race was out there, along with every one of their pit box and pit crew people, walking behind that No. 43. If the vultures noticed anyone who wasn't, their name would appear on the front page of the newspaper, in a headline that would look something like this:

"Chase Elliot the racist wouldn't go out and support the typically victimized Darrell Wallace."

NASCAR knows this would happen, and doesn't want the black-eye The New York Times would give it, so it tells Elliot to get up and get his butt out there or he'd be suspended. Elliot knows NASCAR knows this would happen, so he meekly does what everyone else does. Can you blame him?

Meanwhile, very fine race car driver Kyle Larson? You won't see him out there, or anywhere in NASCAR. He's been suspended indefinitely because a couple months ago, in a very brief emotional outburst while playing a video game, he was caught saying the N-word. That's all he did, a stupid thing indeed for which he is very apologetic, but his budding career, even one that would help keep NASCAR the fine sport that it is, may effectively be over.

Darrell Wallace? Even with his unchecked duplicity, he will continue to race in the circuit, and even be elevated to hero status for his bravery and righteous enthusiasm in the cause of destroying the lives of as many white people intractably guilty of systemic racism.

How about someone like Robin DiAngelo, one of the best race-hustlers in the nation right now? She's a hero too, showing up on all the cable channels, extraordinarily sought-after as a speaker -- her book is among the top bestsellers in the country right now. In fact several of the most accomplished race-hustlers right now join her on that list, Ibram X. Kendi, Ta-Nehisi Coates, several others find themselves before the eyes and ears of that throng of young naive racialist crusaders. They're aided by the wholesale purchase of these tomes so public schools can more readily disgorge their contents.

DiAngelo wrote this book White Fragility, one of the most racist things ever put in print. DiAngelo is set for life. She already has plenty of money to live out the rest of her life in comfort. She has a coterie of sycophantic racialists who will attend her dinner parties every night of every week if she wants. She would otherwise be a brainless basement scribbler if it weren't for The New York Times needing drama to sell its copy.

Huh. Seems one time, about 80 or 90 years ago, The New York Times wrote favorably about another individual in history, a gentleman who wrote a lengthy treatise in his confined cell about a particular group of people who were the main problem with society. Yes, I know, I am in complete compliance with Godwin's Law here, yeah, sorry -- this web discourse has come to that reference to Hitler, but I think I'm on point with this particular one.

Really, DiAngelo does degrade all white people -- just the title: "White people are so fragile they can't ___." (Fill in the blank with whatever reproof she bilges). I wonder, what happens, ultimately, when white people do not behave the way that she and her identity politics obsessed bestselling author and grievance organization activist cohorts say they should? What happens when we realize that, according to DiAngelo, no matter what a white person does, it will simply never be enough? What happens when government starts to use its power to ensure white people everywhere are bending low for the interminably required obsequious bootlicking?

Right now that won't happen, at least not too much, not now. There are just enough people out there -- many blacks included -- to wisely identify how wretchedly evil it all is.

Right now.

But the fact is after a while, after there is that critical mass of socialist-enamored people, young today but holding positions of power tomorrow -- after a good while, people who object to the now pervasive racialist authoritarianism will be made to disappear. Somehow, someway, they will disappear. It has happened in every country, in every instance, whenever the racialist sodomist socialist hegemony has taken hold. History has a massive graveyard filled with the bodies of wise principled elucidators. Every time the racialist autocracy has gone past the point of no return, anyone including this blogger here will be silenced in some way. And there will be a lot of them.

All that NASCAR pre-race stuff? All the racialist best-seller blather? All the mainstream news media provocations? All the deficit-smashing rescuing to appease a nation of victims? Even all the coronavirus hysteria that is shredding the livelihoods of so many?

All of it is absolute insanity.

It really is. And it is frightening as all get-out.

Here's the kicker.

Do you really think all of this stuff just happens? Do you really think an aspiring-artist loser like Hitler was able to commandeer one of the most advanced industrialized nations of the 20th century and make a war machine like he did and commit the genocide to the extent that he did without the help of someone?

Do you really think the abject insanity of the racialism that is consuming the United States right now, that these racialist sociopaths would sell millions of copies of their Mein Kampfs, if it wasn't for powerful deep, deep politics forces making it all happen?

Who are those people doing this? Who are those people moving The New York Times people to promote the rancid things they do? Who are those people getting academia to spew its nonsense into the hearts and minds of very very smart but very very gullible people, who then carry those things to their children who grow up to be the vicious zealots for the cause you see celebrated on the news all the time?

It is all already laid out and arranged to keep the legitimacy of the potentate robust, and if you don't know who that potentate is, then you've got a bit of research to do. No it isn't Donald Trump. No it isn't Joe Biden (or the technocrats who'll rule if Biden gets elected and spends his presidency in the White House basement).

No, these people, all of the ones you see on television, only do the bidding of the one authorized to do the work of the World System as authoritatively designated several millennia ago. If you want to know, if you really want to know and you discover who that really is, you'll find peace of mind and calmness in heart.

And if you also trust in Christ you'll also find the most vibrant, rapturous salvation for your soul.

Might be a good thing because understanding the truth and sharing it openly is about to become an exceedingly dangerous endeavor.

Photo is from John Bazemore of AP, in the al.com Alabama news site. Thank you.
Photo of Kyle Larson is from Derik Hamilton of AP. Thank you.


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