Juneteenth, the Latest Opportunity for All White Racists to Finally Come Clean

Juneteenth is upon us, tomorrow, June 19th, the trendy new holiday for gently but firmly reminding us all just how racist white people are. After all, blaring in our ears how slavery officially ended with the last official emancipation declaration in Texas on this date in 1865 is bound to get us to be finally convinced that we finally ought to stop enslaving blacks with our still festering racist discrimination since it was all supposed to be taken care of way back then.

After reading a bit more of the account of the New York Times newsroom kerfuffle related to a white US Senator's op-ed about use of the military to protect person and property from violent rioters, I saw something I hadn't seen before, and it made me think. One of the things these endemically racialist-minded young staffers at the Times did was share their fears that publishing the piece would threaten their fellow black colleagues.

My mind had thoughts of white staffers telling the black ones, "Hey, our paper just endorsed military action against you! We'll go to the boss and see what we can do to help you out, meanwhile get ready to hide under your desks!"

Then it came to me. This is really what it is all about.

With the racialist prosecution raging across the globe now it seems very clear that devout progressives intractably believe the following two things:

All whites think all blacks are criminals.

All progressives know all whites are actually Nazi Klansmen in their hearts.

Am I generalizing? Am I liable to be corrected with Byzantine explanations about this exception or that nuanced perspective? Will I be dismissed altogether because I'm not in the properly vetted progressive camp? Or worse will I be branded the worst kind of racist criminal because I'm told I do really want all blacks hunted down and I just don't know it but have no excuse because I've been told enough times that I'm the nastiest kind of racist?

The truth is these two progressive perspectives are indeed driving the current racialist conflagration, and they are being driven quite forcefully by too many young people not well-versed enough in logic to see the problems with them. Note I'm implying some young people -- not all! This is the logic problem they have: While it may indeed be true all white people are racist, is this truly the case in real life? Could it be that there are a few white people who are thoughtful and caring and not oriented towards leftist ideas, who just have nothing to say right now for no other reason than they have nothing to say right now, who simply do not fit in the racialists' little categories of who's properly enlightened or not -- who are not racist?

All and some are two different things. When a Frankfurt-schooled individual cries "systemic racism!" or "white privilege!" however, they are making that claim that it is all.

Because so many in academia need to publish newer, bolder propositions, they tend to write all-or-nothing tomes for the recognition they need to remain viable. Here's a good one. An erudite product of the Frankfurt School might say something like, "It isn't just the communication technology forming racist society that is the problem, all of technology is racist!" I admit I haven't looked to see that any racialist professor somewhere has written this over the past 100 years or so, but I'd bet a few have simply because so many have definitely posited that anything we enjoy today that could be considered to have come from a white man is racist. Regardless, it is my hypothesis, and anyone can look in the literature to see if it is there.

Here's a better one, and I do know this has been stated: Race was first, then out of that came racism. The idea, as far as I can tell, is that the white man invented all the racial distinctions to rationalize his hegemonic control over people who look different from him. The plain logical inconsistency here is the desire now by the progressive mind to keep the incessantly pounding racialist blithering going full bore -- if the white man invented race, why is the progressive still hysterically preoccupied with it by ramrodding all the multicultural stuff through society? In a twisted way they are letting the racism they decry define their own identities, allowing the white man and his "race" ideas govern what they do with their lives!

And this leads to a key point in all of this. I've discovered that a critical claim I myself regularly make simply makes no sense to them as much as their god is the racialist crusade. The claim is made by evangelical Christians who hope to share with them the actual solution to their plight. It is:

All people are worse than racists, they are sinners.

This is folly to the humanist, materialist, socialist progressive fighting the glorious cause against racism, a feeble attempt to diminish the value of their own claims and make them meaningless. To them "racist" really is something, "sinner" is just heteropatriarchy drivel. The insecurity of the zealous racialist becomes exposed, and lying to oneself is a better alternative. Wow, the violation of the Ninth Commandment against bearing false witness ("You're a racist because you're white") is a real bitch, isn't it? ("I must relentlessly convince myself that this is the case or I'll be ostracized from the organization that gushes over my efforts and pays me well.")

The progressive may indeed add, "Wait a minute, if we can't say 'all,' how can you?! -- how can you say all people are sinners when only some people are actually bad people, and all we're doing is calling out the racist ones?"

As I said, it may indeed be true that all white people are racist, but is that actually the case? In the same way it may actually be the case that only some people are sinners, or none are, I agree! The main point here is that we must carefully look at what is what, what is the truth about things.

The biblical claim that all people are sinners is indeed the very best explanation of reality. Indeed I agree that some of the things people do as sinners are very racist things! I commend the progressive for seeing that! Awesome -- and the World System does its thing the way it does when it valiantly attempts to mitigate the effects of that, that's a good thing.

Any given individual, on the other hand, may say he or she is one of the some who are not sinners, that's cool, but I think we should go beyond just racism and see what this thing sin is about. God does indeed allow only perfectly behaving morally righteous people into heaven, and if you're one then you have nothing to worry about. The question is...

Are you?

I don't know a single person on the planet, if they were truly honest with themselves, who would say they were, I don't. There may be! But ultimately that is up to God. The trick is that God doesn't just say all people are sinners, He goes about proving it. Sometimes He'll show us. A lot of times He shows us. And that is why His provision to rescue a hopelessly condemned sinner is the only way one may find salvation: Jesus Christ as God come in the flesh to give His life so the sinner may live.

One of the major problems with this idea being out and about is that the racialist progressive tends to think of this as -- yes, you got it -- a toxic invention of the white hegemony to attack the person of color. And because that extraordinarily simple idea has been bastardized by the World System's ecclesiastical bodies, think Rome and all its religious subdivisions, the progressive may very understandably look at God and His ways as merely more examples of the repugnant discrimination all around. In this I can indeed understand why so many people, again, sadly, so many young people, are so consumed by it all, and that they simply cannot see how their very fine intentions have metastasized into one grand modern-day witch hunt (oh that pesky Ninth Commandment!).

So much more can be addressed in all of this, I'll blog more and webzine more and just share the Kingdom more as I can. I'm thinking deeply about all of this too, I'm always doing that, but I can't deny I'm heartbroken by how many souls are being destroyed by this racialist stuff. I know I can share here but I also know I can pray and hope and look for the things God will do out of it. Apocalyptic revival: people in droves seeing their own sin for what it is, seeing the System for what it is (and leaving it and its racialist propaganda to itself), and going to the beauty and glory and wonder of a Real Savior.

Photo is from Benjamin Norman at NYT


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