Another Slavery Beyond Juneteenth, One of the Most Crushing (and Necessary)

An item showed up in a Facebook post about someone who fears. When you read this brief part of a longer passage, you'll see why the witch hunt is so frightening. It is obvious that a key element of the racialist crusade is to ferociously perpetuate the greatest anxiety in the hearts of whites as a punishment for all the racist crimes the crusaders have been spotlighting for optimum virtue-signaling.

Anyway, here it is, the conclusion to a piece about the insane things that make up the roiling racialist and coronavirus hysteria:

"If you are silent you are part of the problem. If you speak, you are part of the problem. If you have to ask, you don’t understand. If you don’t ask, you don’t care. It’s all so predictable, tedious, and exhausting. Nothing adds up. It’s one gigantic math life problem, with ever changing denominators that I’m sure the media and politicians are eagerly ready to solve for us... until the next 'crisis.'"

What a terrific explanation of the consequences of living under one of the worst slaveries of all, one the World System must keep hundreds of millions of people deep within.

Slavery to fear. After mentioning a number of slaveries in this post, I thought, huh, this one is an exceptionally critical one. Fear may actually be a good thing, it is a fine motivator to get people up and out of bed in the morning so they can work to buy groceries. Sometimes we get frightened by loud noises and things like that to get our God-given adrenaline going so we'll react and survive and protect ourselves and loved ones.

The issue is how is that natural physiological condition is exploited, and what that looks like. Oh the volumes that may be written about this. I only have time to mention a few key facets.

One is that the racialists may be on to something. Really, they are.

One of the best of them is Ibram X. Kendi, one of those current acclaimed authors whose best-selling books will soon be required reading by all impressionable young people in some kind of public school environment. His overarching thread is to replace the current "racist" hegemony with one that is fully wholly completely "anti-racist." He posits you can't be "non-racist." If you say you are, you're still just a racist. He identifies all the nasty things he sees in the current racist one, and of course suggests the formation of an agency that will go after every racist thing there is and destroy it. Huh, that doesn't sound at all like a totalitarian hegemony of its own.

Of course the frightening thing is the problem whites have if they are convinced they simply cannot do anything about their criminal whiteness. Oh, wait, forgot. There is one thing! Become woke like the agency thinks you should and be eternally penitent, support wealth redistribution on steroids, (well, a few things...), respect the established quotas of various proudly classified ethnic now-minorities who must be placed in positions of power, celebrate all brands of sexual expression no matter how unconventional, endorse the replacement of police with kinder social work units, speak only about the things the agency says you should speak about and shut up about anything else.

There are others, certainly, but these are a few of the things fully qualifying you as adequately anti-racist.

See, here's what makes this so profound.

This is similar to what God does.

I know that looks like scandalous heresy to the accustomed conservative Americanist Christian. But look at what the Bible says.

It too says there is a group of people who will face eternal punishment and are separated from God. What is that group of people? They're generally known as sinners. God told us a number of things we should be doing to get with the program of not hurting others -- refuse to steal, refuse to commit murder, refuse to go out on your spouse -- you know. If you don't do those things you'll simply be residing in your true eternal home.


Yes, it is brutal. Yes, it is precisely why the Bible speaks of fear of God. Jesus Himself said, "Don't fear the one [some earthly power] who can kill the body, but fear the one [God] who can send body and soul to Hell."

Ibram X. Kendi and all the rest of the suddenly renowned race-hustlers are doing us a favor. They're reminding us that we are sinners indeed and have absolutely no hope of rescue from our predicament. They're showing us how ruthless the System actually is. It doesn't matter if it is the good ol' U-S-A or Kendi's spankin' new hegemony, it will crack heads with extreme prejudice. It is what it is supposed to do.

Another wonderful truth God is sharing with us is what is going with this whole CHAZ or CHOP thing in Seattle. Even young progressives in other cities have wanted to set up their own "autonomous zone" or "occupation protest" regions. Think this is new? When I see this stuff I see the Paris Commune, set up right in the middle of a megalopolis in 1871. It lasted all of two months. It was supposed to have all those splendidly progressive features without all the annoying moral obligations of churchy oppressive heteropatriarchies. It was an abject failure, mostly because it was great political theater to challenge the authority of the reigning potentate and was summarily liquidated.

Yes, sadly, if Ibram X. Kendi were to get his hegemony up and running, it too would face insurrection and rebellion and then you've got massive amounts of violence and, yeah, all that ultimately meaning that the most significant thing about all this racialist insanity is simply to

Keep - the fear - going.

Anyway, back to CHAZ, CHOP. This is the some-six-block area in the middle of the city for the most zealous progressives to show the world that they don't need police and they can set up their domicile with peace and harmony prevailing. Some found it amusing, many thought it a preposterous ideological exhibition, others thought it too should be liquidated because it was an unjust expropriation of property -- lots of thoughts about it. Indeed many surely knew nothing about it -- what's wrong with them! I thought silence = violence!

But really... Isn't the CHAZ concept exactly what most regular folk enjoy and industriously work to sustain in our own lives? Do you live in a gated community? You have a CHAZ -- the AZ again for "autonomous zone" (the CH is for "capitol hill"). You have a place where you want your autonomy respected: there's likely some edifice that has walls and fences, a bit beyond that boundary "markers" like sidewalks and lawns and shrubs. If you live in an apartment it is likely you have gates with locks on them. Many home-dwellers have even taken to have some kind of armory (a small weapon here or there) to ensure their occupants' safety!

Every one of us wants our own family or community to be protected in some way.

And the thing that is most important? The eternal perspective? That is no different.

God has a place set aside for all the people who are sinners, or racists as it is in the minds of all the Ibram X. Kendi's out there. That place is Hell. It is there. It is waiting for us all. It will allow every one of us to live nicely and richly but separated from the One thing that would give us any meaning and contentment in life at all. (Kind of why I think Jesus said it was a place where there'd be "weeping and teeth-gnashing.")

That One thing is of course God.

The atheist humanist materialist socialist will very likely furiously holler "How could a God who'd put people in Hell be the 'One thing'? I don't want to believe in that kind of God!"

Oh, weren't you listening to Ibram X. Kendi? It is an inconvertible truth: You're a racist! Kendi is doing nothing other than what Jesus does in this instance. He's not condemning you, Jesus isn't -- no, it is the law that condemns. How can you say you're not a sinner when you've lied, when you've stolen, when you've committed murder (even if just in your heart), when you disrespected God by giving your devotion to a created thing?

No, you do listen to that kind of God because just as we've been talking about, you too want to be protected from the other guy who wants to hurt you. You too are looking for that bully who'll do the dirty work and make you feel not-fearful.

Here's the amazing thing about the Kingdom, which is God's; and the World, which is Kendi's and DiAngelo's and Trump's and Biden's and Baquet's and Hannity's and Powell's and Solomon's and Bezos' and Gates' and Francis' and Sosa's and hundreds more who comprise the fully authoritative, ordained, legitimized, enabled, celebrated mandarins of System governance...

The amazing distinction is that God does the one thing that delivers us from our rapid descent into Hell.

He sends His only begotten Son to give His life having His body nailed to the most cruel instrument of System justice so that those who put their faith in Him and His delivering work would find His bountiful forgiveness and be welcomed into His presence once again.

Justice is a very good thing. It is a very good thing that people like Ibram X. Kendi can screech about it so enthusiastically. Justice is a very very good thing.

But it is also a very fearful thing because each and every one of us face it.

Without Christ, we are doomed under it.

Without Christ we are enslaved mercilessly under the power of the fear that drives it.

Wow, how amazingly instructive the whole racialist insanity is right now -- from what Xendi has taught us to what the CHAZ people have done. Brutal! But extraordinarily instructive.

How beautiful it is to see God loves us as much as He does to show us, and then show us the overwhelming love He has in His Son poured out into our lives.

If only we'd see it, grab His hand...

And leave the slavery.

Photo is by Ted S. Warren of AP, from Thank you.


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