The School of Fear is Having Its Day

Among all the present nightmares fomented by the Frankfurt School founders -- and those guys are much farther back and deeper in than Heidegger, Adorno, Marcuse -- one that caught my attention may not be the most serious but it is one of the most telling.

The guy who has announced Sacramento Kings basketball games for years was fired because he put in a polite, harmless tweet the words, "All lives matter."

Oh my.

It is still stunning that sharing the words All lives matter is considered by the newly dominant racialist hegemony as meaning "I'm the worst racist on the planet and so justifiably deserve the most expansive amounts of the most vicious opprobrium all those who are smart and righteous and woke can heap upon me."

What's incredible is it's not just being yelled at.

It's people losing their jobs. It's people losing their livelihoods. It's people losing their homes.

It's even people losing their lives.

Even on the street corners where I live people are gathering with signs saying the most wretched things. "Silence = Violence" is one of the worst -- there I saw teenagers who don't know squat holding up signs with that kind of language on them. All in the name of caring and kindness and helpfulness.

No. It is all just the ugly rotten fruit of World Operative behavior that has taken millennia to manifest. This has all had its spasms throughout history, some quite horrendous. A notable one in our country was the Civil War, and it is insane, in light of what they're all blithering now, that many white people joined many blacks back then to give their lives so blacks could enjoy freedom and opportunity now. Many considered slavery, racism, and discrimination an abomination and lobbied incessantly against it.

Whites working hard to liberate people was way different than it is now. Today whites doing things like making Facebook profile pics totally black is just the worst pusillanimous pandering to a world view that comes straight from Hell. Well, most recently from the Frankfurt School of fear-spewing par excellence.

The most recent example of the absolute idiocy of the now entrenched woke oligarchy is something from that a former student put on my Facebook. She is one of my favorite students ever, now having succumbed to it all. Here's what that new-fangled hegemony-generated term was: performative allyship. Apparently this is when you do virtue-signaling in social media but you're really only microaggressing and you're being a hypocrite for not making your behavior perfect enough by refusing to patronize some business establishment that isn't saying enough about how racist everyone but the woke people are.

Oh my.

We are moving deeper and deeper into a witch hunt environment like no other.

Thing is, many good Americanists are scared to death and screaming for more of Caesar to start cracking down on the ravaging effects of this hysteria. Tucker Carlson had an excellent monologue Monday night that has gotten some attention for exactly this reason, but sadly his pleas will not be enough. People are deathly afraid of what the reigning racialists have done, and for good reason, because these people won't use common sense, acknowledge self-evident truths, employ standard wisdom, or even examine authentic social science to come out of this real-life horror film they've created. They just won't.

The knee-jerk response is now "Check your privilege." Well guess what? How about you check yours? Why can't we say that in return? You are the new ruling oligarchy! You've already succeeded in turning the country into a socialist sodomist racialist tyranny, what do you think will happen now that you're the assumed hegemony?

Well, I'm being too pessimistic, forgive me. As a follower of Christ I will always hope they see the utterly benighted nature of their cause and come to Christ and the Kingdom and real, true, actual joy peace freedom mercy charity and yes, justice that truly thrives there. I will always hope that after seeing the rank misery of their making, people will turn to Christ and abandon themselves to Him.

But the aspect of that which is most striking is that Christ said His own would be persecuted.

This racialist war that is scorching forward at warp speed? It will get worse. Maybe there will be enough voices to move Caesar to blunt its impact a bit, but the oligarchy has already reached critical mass, what with millions of young adults now steeped in Frankfurt School ideology after years of K-12 public education.

That means if you're a genuine follower of Christ, you're in for it. Doesn't matter what you do, you're in for it. Oh there're a lot of people who say they're Christians but many of them are just guilt-ridden Catholicists who just don't want to get hurt -- I can't blame them. But they're just some of the best of the oligarch's minions.

If you're a follower of Christ, remember, Jesus said you'd get it. So what do you have to lose?

Tell those enslaved by the raging fear about Him.

At this point you have nothing to lose.

All of this to share with you my latest home page piece, which gets into the origins of all this. Hope you find it edifying, and even more significantly, ultimately leads you into the arms and scarred hands of the Only One Who Wakes You From The Nightmare.


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