The School of Fear is Having Its Day, Addendum

"You asked, 'Who is this that obscures my plans without knowledge?' Surely I spoke of things I did not understand, too wonderful for me to know."

This blog effort is titled Wonderful Matters because of the words in the 131st Psalm, but these words from Job apply just as much. Too often we try to figure out things without the full counsel of God, and I am often quite guilty of that. That is Job confessing to God there about something God told Job after he and his friends just spent thirty-plus chapters in the book spouting about things God has not said or done.

Oh they got some of it right. Job and his friends do bring up a few things that are legitimate concerns about life and reasonable thoughts about the way things are.

But for the most part we just don't know what God is doing with whatever it is that is happening out there. The reason I am all about wonderful matters in spite of that truth, is that even though: God has indeed let us in on many of His wonderful matters.

If He didn't, we'd all be toast.

I mentioned this truth in a post a while back but it bears repeating: all that is certain is judgment and Hell. All the now devout racialists out there violently railing against what they see are injustices -- whether they are proficiently organizing riots or just getting a thrill being out and about doing something that's not boring -- are giving us all a taste of that right now.

Even granting that past discriminatory law enforcement practices, lending practices, employment and admissions practices have led to something that has been simmering and is now seething in the hearts and minds of so many out for blood proves this point.

Now we're seeing the makings of a real-live witch hunt, where the word is you've got to share the word about how racist you are or else, and fear reigns. All I see is fear in the eyes of the racialist factions even if they are peacefully protesting. I also see fear in the eyes of their victims, the ones they're viciously expecting confessions from, even if those people are far from the action. What is even crazier is in today's world that fear is splashed everywhere with the benefit of social media. It is already wretched, it has now metastasized into something even more gruesome.

This is the world we are enduring right now.

It is judgment and Hell on earth, and it is as much evidence that God does what He does

Because He loves us so much.

Wow, that's a stretch -- I can hear that right now.

But this is a wonderful matter that we can know about.

As I've also written a while back in another blog post, the devil is having his way with millions of people right now. His grip on them is very tight, just as it was on Job. Millions of people out there who've been trained quite persuasively by the Frankfurt School, or even better, the Jesuit-administered university system, overwhelmed with fear.

But the truth remains.

This is the nature of judgment and a destiny of eternal separation from God staring us right in the face.

What is the answer? Is it more of Caesar cracking heads and increasing law enforcement? Is it less of that? This is merely looking at the ministry of condemnation and seeking salvation from that. Indeed so many do that, but how much fear is reduced in that effort? How much more is your appeal to Caesar guaranteeing your liberation from it all?

God shares with us a very wonderful matter. It is that the law is there, and its enforcement apparatus is there and it must be by divine ordinance, to show us that we ourselves are evil to the core and worthy of the most comprehensive condemnation.

It is interesting, I have to add this, and I'll ask it as a question.

Do you know what God did just before, and right after He gave the Ten Commandments to Moses? Do you know? You can read it, it is right there, first in the 19th chapter of Exodus, then in the 20th.

He appeared in a cloud accompanied by immense displays of thunder and lightning. It was almost as if He was really feeling it that He was about to fully demonstrate how evil these people were because they were not doing those ten key things to live righteously. After He shared those ten things with them, did they do them? No.

Since we now all know those ten things, do we do them?


That's the point. I don't have to mention how often this past couple of weeks there has been murdering going on, deceit going on, coveting going on, complete absence of any mention of God and the worship of Him and Him alone going on.

So the people who are livid about extracting some confession from me? Here it is. I'm sure it will not be sufficient enough to those who still want to soak up the judgment and Hell, but I think I should share it anyway:

I am worse than a racist, I am a sinner. I've fallen under that condemnation and nothing I can do can get me out of it, much less can I ever escape the opprobrium leveled against me by the racialist accuser. It is a futile effort, and it is just as much me as it is the fact that no one can ever win as the subject of a witch hunt. That isn't even an issue, what they may or may not say. The issue is me.

So I will do what Job did. After all the mental and emotional wrangling about, I can humbly and unconditionally submit to His wonderful matters, the best one sending His Son to die in my place to deliver me from my ultimate destination. Then I may enthusiastically enter into the ministry of reconciliation and share His grace and mercy and joy and glory with others, all because I may now love them as He loved me.

There is so much more to all of this. The wrangling will not end. When this racialist spasm is done there will be another one. There will be more humanist materialist socialist public policy enacted. There may even be some form of a civil war -- many think we're already in it. All of it part of God's matters that will be hard to understand.

But if we trust in Him and His blessed deliverance, we can say with Job, "He knows the way that I take."

How wonderful is that.

My latest home page piece gets a bit into the influence of the Frankfurt School. Would love for you to look at it, let me know what you think.


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