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"Impeach the M----------r!"

Recently a new Congresswoman inaugurated her term with a quite celebrated commitment to begin her federal government work by moving on impeaching Donald Trump, or as she called him, that "m----------r!" Why of course Trump is a m----------r! He's racist, he's uncouth, he's chauvinistic, he's imbecilic, and of course he's an angry old white male. "Why of course!!!"  we're all supposed to gleefully affirm. Thing is, when this young lady, Rashida Tlaib from a district that includes part of Detroit, calls Trump a m----------r! is she herself perfectly absolved from being one herself? If you're going to call someone a name, better be sure you can't be guilty of the same. Seems to me Jesus said something similar, something along the lines of "Let she who is not a m----------r! cast the first m----------r! slur." She is wedded to the Democrat party, and as such I presume -- though forgive me if I am wrong -- a progressive libe