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"Certainty Starts Wars"

"Certainty starts wars" earned wild applause when proudly blurted by Andrew Garfield on a recent episode of the Stephen Colbert show. Colbert's show is an excellent place to learn about the things World Ops pack into the minds of a rapt audience ill-equipped to understand how the devil is toying with them. Garfield has been the acclaimed star of two reasonably well-received films, Hacksaw Ridge  and Silence . Both have a Roman Catholic connection. The former was made by Mel Gibson, a devout Roman Catholic and a controversial filmmaker whose stirring epics are smothered with the most grisly violent content. The latter is a historical drama about Jesuit priests who have crises of faith when they visit Japan and endure some persecution -- I humbly admit I have seen neither film but I do have some general knowledge about the substance of each. Garfield and Colbert were bantering about this thing certainty  when the idea was brought up that certainly is terrifying . This