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Non-Violence is Not So Non-Violent

I've been seeing a number of videos from the UK showing climate alarmists in bright construction safety vests lined up sitting on a street blocking traffic. The idea surely is you should not be driving your vehicle because it uses fossil fuels so they're there to forcefully make the statement. The worst of those videos feature people pleading with the police officers nearby to remove them and those officers do nothing. Another shows an officer letting the protestors know if they need anything like a cup of water to just let them know. Amazing. I'm just not sure any of these people realize that someone's life might be on the line, for instance someone needing to get to the hospital but can't because of the traffic caused by these people. Some videos, however, feature individuals taking things into their own hands, getting out of their vehicles, and trying to physically drag these people off the street. It is comical because after being dragged away, the protestor jus

It Is About the Children, But It's Probably Not What You Think

Last night I could not sleep, so for a bit I got up and did some web searching, but I was up during the time that Saturday Night Live was on the television, at least at the time it had been on in the past. Sure enough I'd noticed it was on at that time, from 11:30 to 1:00. I had not seen any part of an SNL show for many years, yet over those years I'd heard some things about it particularly related to its more controversial skits. So last night I thought I'd take a peek, just to see what it was like now. When I switched to the right channel a gal who I thought I heard called "Willow" did some singing. The song was the typical edgy one SNL has always been known to present from their musical guests, but the second one she sang a bit later in the show was just a stream of incomprehensible yelling and screeching into the microphone. What I found interesting is after each song she smiled and bowed to the audience, almost as if to virtue-signal "Look at me, just so