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Even More on the Vast and Wide-Reaching Religion of the Most Righteous Wokeist

I have to pound out a quick post just give you a heads-up on another article , this one from a gentleman over at The Libertarian Institute  courtesy of ZeroHedge  (the image is from that page as well, thank you to them) that boldly and articulately lays out the ironclad case that, yes, indeed, Everything is religion. Everything. There is nothing that isn't. Scientists today in the sworn service of Caesar -- quite authoritative, legitimate, and necessary -- are really just priests performing the liturgically mandated sacrificial duties of Cain's Legacy. They are so good! They are -- no one is saying they aren't! They do very good sciency kinds of things . But it is still religion, and it still involves human sacrifice. You can read all about how God set the whole thing in motion back there at the time of the fourth chapter of Genesis. He did it deliberately because He knew there would simply be some who would refuse to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. So Cain was given th

More on the Vast Religion of Wokeism Courtesy of Some Who Are Looking At It a Bit

A reminder of one of those Truth Rules: Everything is religion . Sure everything has to do with politics because we're always working through how we can get along with others. That's fine. Sure everything has to do with economics because we're always valuing things and making decisions about those things. That's fine too. Here's the thing, though. Why  do we do any  of those things? It has everything to do with the character of the one we worship. And really, it comes down to only two. Are you worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth as Jesus asked us back in that fourth chapter of John's gospel? Or are you worshipping that Principality manifesting himself as any of a hundred different objects of worship, all of them forms of Jesus to provide something  that someone believes is that ultimate  raison d'etre? Who is it? I'm really just posting here to share some phenomenal written pieces out there on the web that advance the verity of this Truth Rule. Those

The Newest Denomination of the Official Religion of the United States

The first amendment of the United States Constitution firmly declares that people have a right to refuse to worship the object of the country's officially established religion. Oh I know it says the United States shall not have  an official religion, but it does. The newest denomination of that religion is the one that declares that the authorized way to worship the state's god is to swath one's countenance with a cloth covering of some kind. The rationale for such a piously celebrated action is that it prevents germs from moving out and about. The claim that science justifies it is preposterous because it conclusively does not , thus, it is religion. Everything is religion anyway, so it is completely understandable. For every claim "It's the science!" there must be some religious reasoning behind it, especially if it is mandated by government officials. Recently the large county near my home announced it was forcing compliance to perform the liturgy once agai

The Reality of the Successor Ideology

A bit of a follow-up to the last post on this "Successor Ideology," the current expansive cultural takeover by leftist ideological forces. It's just the latest version -- things like this have happened in history a dozen times before. Ho-hum. The reality is that this must happen as the inevitable results of the necessary machinations required for Cain's Legacy to administer the sin management program the vast Catholicist population demands of it. Right now the battle over the reigning Ideology is being fought on the terms set by the "Critical Race Theory" aficionados. You can't help but see it in action. If you proudly pronounce your affinity for critical theory components, you'll enthusiastically boast about your efforts to teach it to our children continuing the Frankfurt School indoctrination that has been progressing for decades now. We're only teaching about how ashamed certain children must feel for their role in harming others unless they

The Successor Ideology is the Same as the Predecessor Ideology

Uber-journalist Matt Taibbi has introduced us to an interesting concept invented by one, Wesley Yang , referring to the real substance of the revolutionary leftist takeover of the American culture. Everyone screeching about the horrors of Critical Race Theory  are really just being drawn into a battle they cannot win. Of course they cannot win it. It is because God is permitting it to proceed. If God wasn't, it wouldn't be happening. Does evil come from God? Of course not. But that's just the point. The evil comes from the hearts of unrepentant humans whose savior is the Successor Ideology or the Predecessor Ideology, whichever one. It is scripturally established that God may very well send sword, famine, or pestilence to a nation that turns against His law, but that is not Him, it is them . The only way they can see the extent of their evil is to see the consequences of that evil. Then perhaps the repentance. The Successor Ideology, by the way -- at least from what I can