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The Roman Catholic Church Is the Government

On the same day the press leads with the story about President Bush's latest nomination for the U.S. Supreme Court being all about religion, it is revealed that the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles allowed at least eight priests to continue their sacerdotal duties even after receiving formal complaints that they had molested children. The media's spin will always bring about the desired result for the hyper-attentive populace of the Catholicist Nation. What is the reality verses the perception in all of this? It is so frequently laid right out there by the media, but people are so Catholicized they don't see it. Consider if you will: Perception: A nominee for the Supreme Court should not be given a "religious" litmus test. Reality: Religion is always a criterion for consideration of a judge. If it was revealed that the nominee was a practicing Satanist, do you think for two seconds he or she would be confirmed? Even when new Chief Justice John Roberts d

More of the Same in Major League Baseball

I've spent a lot of time exposing what I call the "Aristocratic Conspiracy" in major league baseball. Just thought I'd point out that this year's American League playoffs feature teams from the top three metropolitan areas (New York, Los Angeles, Chicago). The fourth team (Boston) is from the seventh largest. Over in the National League two of the teams are from the tenth and eleventh largest areas (Houston and Atlanta, respectively). This doesn't happen by accident. It is because of the nature of the conspiracy: the major leagues simply know they can't survive if these top large media market teams do not frequently appear in the playoffs and vie for the World Series. Free agency makes that happen, and it is no different than giving the Yankees an extra out every time they go to bat. I listened to a morning radio show a couple weeks ago in which famed pundit and christened baseball expert George Will said that the $200 million the Yankees spent on their pl