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Too Much Irony, Just Too Much

I had some down time tonight, so I thought I'd blog a bit. I really wanted to spill some of my thoughts onto the computer screen here about what I saw in my Los Angeles Times this morning. I just can't help it. The Times is the paper we get, and it is an extraordinarily quality journalistic effort. It is. But it is also a gigantic mouthpiece for the World System. It is one of the reasons I enjoy reading it. I get my news, and I also get a huge serving of the ways the System is keeping people tied to Cain's legacy. Don't get me wrong, this is what The Institution is supposed to do. All very fine stuff indeed. I just can't keep from pointing out how much its perfectly legitimate work comes straight from hell, and perhaps some will see and want to get out of it. Quite frequently I see the profound irony of System operations all over the front page of this very influential daily. Oh don't worry that it's all going away soon. All this news and the humanist tw

The REAL Fiscal Cliff

I do have a Facebook page but visit it quite infrequently. Today I did, and a wall post from a terrific friend included one of those quite idiotic but purportedly inspirational notions, this one going something like this, from some motivational speaker at a "You're Really Special"-type seminar that probably cost attendees $800 for the weekend. "See this $20 bill? How many of you want it? [Hands up everywhere.] Okay, what if I crinkled it up, like this? How many now? [Same number of hands up.] Okay, what if I stepped on it and squished it into the ground, like this? How many now? [Same number.] See! No matter what awful thing happens to the $20 bill, it still retains its value. So, listen, YOU ARE VALUED! No matter how much stuff you have to take in life, tough it out because you have value even through all of it!" The few comments there were along the lines of "Bravo! Great words!" and "I must remember that all the time! Thanks!" What w