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"Unplanned" Had The Most Justified "R" Rating of Any Movie I've Ever Seen

We finally took a look at the film Unplanned , about a Planned Parenthood clinic director whose heart was changed when she participated in an actual abortion performed in her clinic. I'd recalled all the hubbub about the film's "R" rating at the time of its general release, noting that many were upset it would push people from going to see it and being exposed to the very powerful pro-life message. Their rationale was that it didn't even deserve the "R" rating because there was no language, no sex, and the only blood was that shown through a tube after the abortion was complete. I wouldn't know -- I simply could not stand to watch or even listen to the scene of the procedure . It was at the very beginning of the film, with much of the rest about this woman's earlier years and bit afterwards when she committed herself to helping the pro-life cause. But that scene. The sights. The sounds. The conversation about what was happening. It last