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The New Americanist Cult, Same as the Old One

Yesterday the US Supreme Court upheld a new Texas law that limits abortions to six weeks of a pregnancy. Of course the left went apoplectic about how we're heading towards a Handmaid's Tale  world. Eh. I do agree, however.  The law is monstrously evil. Whutdt? How can that be? It is the best pro-life legislation so far! We're cheering for all those saved babies! Eh. Maybe some will be saved, and that's a good thing, certainly. But it won't be as many as they think. It won't be as many as it should be because Rome makes it that way . First of all, abortion-minded women will still make their way to New Mexico or whatever illegal clinics still widely available. Secondly, the law does not criminalize abortion, it merely turns it into a civil case whereupon a litigant may take an abortionist to court and sue. Thirdly, this is still  about whether or not a state decides that abortion is okay or not okay or kind-of okay -- the same foolish logic applied to slavery in K