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The New Americanist Cult, Same as the Old One, Important Addendum

I was reading through CJ Hopkins "The Covidian Cult, Part III" again, something I referenced and remarked upon a couple of posts ago . I thought of something related to it I should emphasized because it is critically important to address. Hopkins does one of the best jobs of elucidating how Cain's Legacy works in light of all the metastasized Covid hysteria. He concludes by writing that the key is to expose the totalitarianism for what it is. You can't take it down with standard logic and articulate arguments. But you can see that it runs its course and shows everyone what it really is, then they'll see. Look at its deceit. Look at its murder. Look at it in all its real horror. The problem is, then what? If Christ isn't there to take over, you've now got seven demons just as bad filling your soul. The point here is you can't see  the totalitarianism for what it is without the eyes of Christ  to begin with. Hopkins is so correct, the Legacy of Cain is

The Pandemic of Legitimate Romanist Activity

I simply could not help but get over here and pound out a quick post, even though I have a million things I have to do for my job and my home. But in a very real sense this is my ministry, and I am happy to share some things with a few people who may come across it. I saw this in  a news story, here is the link  in this text, a state laying off hundreds of health care personnel because they won't get vaxxed. I did want to title this piece "The Pandemic of Folly Continues Unabated" -- I'd written a post with the title "The Pandemic of Folly" last year -- but I realized I should keep to what we really should understand. There is a World System that God allowed to be put in motion several millennia ago (cf. fourth chapter of Genesis) that is now manifest in the Roman Catholic Church, and there is a Kingdom made up of those who sole devotion is to Jesus Christ. Know the distinction as a committed follower of Christ, and have peace. Get confused and have constant

The New Americanist Cult, Same as the Old One

Yesterday the US Supreme Court upheld a new Texas law that limits abortions to six weeks of a pregnancy. Of course the left went apoplectic about how we're heading towards a Handmaid's Tale  world. Eh. I do agree, however.  The law is monstrously evil. Whutdt? How can that be? It is the best pro-life legislation so far! We're cheering for all those saved babies! Eh. Maybe some will be saved, and that's a good thing, certainly. But it won't be as many as they think. It won't be as many as it should be because Rome makes it that way . First of all, abortion-minded women will still make their way to New Mexico or whatever illegal clinics still widely available. Secondly, the law does not criminalize abortion, it merely turns it into a civil case whereupon a litigant may take an abortionist to court and sue. Thirdly, this is still  about whether or not a state decides that abortion is okay or not okay or kind-of okay -- the same foolish logic applied to slavery in K