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The Pandemic of Folly

I was planning to pound out a post about the present circumstances with some specific thoughts in mind, but I'm going to put that off because I can't neglect to make a quick brief post on the recent "relief package" passed by Congress and signed by the president. Please know right out of the gate that this is what autocratic potentates do. There is always a crisis to exploit, always. And that this present authoritarian government is smothered in democracy language does not change the legitimate power Caesar has over a populace that indeed does afford him that privilege. But also know that there is a cost.  This $2 trillion "relief package" is merely another form of indulgence extraction. It is foisted upon the American people as something these white knights from Washington riding into town on their golden chariots are doing to rescue the downtrodden, hammered by the overwhelming fear largely manufactured by a brilliantly managed mass media network. Th

Where Are All the Economists - Er, Followers of Christ? After All Jesus Was the Best Economist Ever

I continue to be saddened by how many have such a dearth of economic wisdom. More thoughtful people discover how insignificant the covid-19 health risk actually is, the more economically illiterate people listen to the interminable hysterics of the mainstream mass media and react accordingly putting into policy extraordinarily dangerous things like mandatory isolation for all and $1,000 payments to everything that breathes. Straight away I'd like to direct you to an article written by Joy Pullmann , so far the very best I've seen on this whole thing. There you will see that people who just aren't thinking carefully enough refuse to understand the economic costs are just as lethal as the medical costs. Note how often you hear talking heads who get lots of airplay say things like, "Oh but the human costs!" as if "Better safe than sorry" solves the problem. Sorry, but in this instance their cure is far worse than the disease. Some people are fearful t

Stupidity IS Painful, That's Just the Reality. It's Also the Reality that So Many Through the Ages Have Refused to See It.

This isn't new, this stupidity. It's been happening through the ages. And it always kills people. One of my favorite movies is Men in Black , and in one scene Agent K explains to Agent J the way things are. He said "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals." Astounding wisdom in one, simple quote. Interesting how God wrote a whole book to tell us this. Agent K said it in a sentence. God loves us so much he told us over and over again so maybe we'd get it. Go ahead, read the Bible, I urge you to. You'll find that most of it is how dumb, panicky, and dangerous each of us is when we allow ourselves to get caught up in the herd. Right now with this coronavirus hysteria that herd is stampeding. Heaven forbid the stampede gets catastrophic. I'm not betting against it. I'm not because the coronavirus is relatively nothing. Oh yes we see all kinds of posts from people who think they're scientists but they're just parro

Stupidity Should Be Painful, Addendum

I have to confess I really feel the way Jeremiah feels. Yesterday I wrote a post about how stupid people can be, and I thought, wow, it is really something to say somebody is saying or doing something stupid. I even thought about deleting the post, but I'm not. Jeremiah mentioned stupid people quite often. He did it quite notably in the fourth and fifth chapters of his prophetic book. He even hurt so much because of these people that he longed to retreat to a lodge far away in the wilderness. I mentioned it in my latest home page piece. I thought, huh, he was saying the people who were being stupid when they shouldn't be were the people in Israel who were supposed to be the chosen ones of God ushering in the Kingdom. Should I be doing the same with people today who perhaps as ones following Cain are never supposed to be in the Kingdom in the first place? Is it my place? Maybe not. I struggle with that. I can't deny that I feel it, as I did yesterday, simply because

Stupidity Should Be Painful

Have you ever seen that on a bumper sticker or T-shirt? Stupidity should be painful. The truth about that is that it is  painful, but the thing that is so devastating about that saying is that most times the pain is experienced by those victimized by the stupidity. Through my life I've informally cataloged about two or three dozen tremendously stupid things people say or do that too many people accept as gospel truth. Much of my ministry has been to urge my readers to do the one thing that cures stupidity. Understand and know God. The best way to do that is to immerse oneself in Scripture with the firm intention to, yes, understand and know God and His Kingdom and His ways and His righteousness. It really is the one antidote to stupidity. For instance the mass media hysteria over the latest "pandemic," what they now call COVID-19, is phenomenally stupid. The New York Times et al is selling disease drama and it is hammering people in real life. It is indeed a