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The Truth Rule About Equity and Its Ruthless Ugliness

Equity sounds like such a splendid word. The Bible even speaks of God judging with equity, the exact word. The idea there, however, is that God shows no favoritism, His judgment is perfect, and yes, each individual will be held to account. The brutal truth rule there is, no one will escape that perfectly just judgment . Every one of us is guilty of the worst: lying, cheating, stealing, defrauding, murdering (even if you do so in your heart), and yes, sodomizing (which really just encompasses any sexual activity outside of a committed marriage between an adult man and adult woman). Equity to the System is something entirely different, entirely promoted as a delightfully wholesome enterprise but is actually a wickedly devastating social hellscape. The equity now ravaging everything in its path is that white, Christian, heterosexual males must be stripped of their propriety in some way and have it handed to anyone identified as certifiably disadvantaged because in the past there've be

Yet Another Day That Lives in Infamy - And Irony

Today is March 13, and two years ago, a Friday no less, they shut down our school campus. They essentially established a formal segregation policy dividing students from their teachers because of a firmly institutionalized and largely fabricated dread of an illness. Public schools are still reeling from this as it has been used to further rationalize the unabashed and pronounced instruction related to socialism (it is fine for the disadvantaged to expropriate wealth from the privileged with all due impunity), sodomism (it is fine for people to express their novel sexual proclivities no matter how immoral many consider them), and racialism (it is fine to furiously censure certain people for being inherently racist). I recently posted a home page piece at my webzine opening with a remark about that date and the present moribund condition of a popular discount movie theater I'd frequented before. I thought I'd share some photo shots of the other movie posters that were still ther