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The Deepest Part of the Rabbit Hole

I'm currently reading the book Filterworld  with expansive details about a very real Truth Rule reality: There is no such thing as "A.I." One of the most sinister things anyone can spew out into the world of hearers is the term "A.I." to describe what is merely Super-Duper-Fast Processing Information Technology. Sadly I don't think people want to convince you their version of "A.I." will bring everyone the utopia you've always wanted would for two seconds want to call it S.P.I.T, but if they were honest they would.  What is so phenomenally stupid is that the rollout of Google's "A.I." information generator they called Gemini was such a disaster anyone with a single brain cell should have acknowledged the Truth Rule. But very few have . There is simply too much money in billions of people believing in the promise of "A.I." bringing us a perfect world of gumdrop trees and flying unicorns. Filterworld  does a much more comp