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Requiem for Manhood

I can't neglect to put up a post about what I believe is a profound symbol of what is happening to our country right now. It is being emasculated in the worst way. I see it in so many things in my own personal professional life, but I can't get into that right now.  Here is the thing that I grieve that just shows what wusses we've become, forgive my language, but I just so viscerally feel the gruesome dissipation right now, sorry. This weekend saw the final NASCAR race at what is by the sponsor name "Auto Club" Speedway in Fontana. I'm just happy to call it the Fontana Speedway, and it has been hosting all kinds of races since it opened in 1997. It indeed one of the very best racetracks in all of motor sports, it really is. There is so much jostling for position at the highest speeds, it has made for the very best racing there could ever be. Objectively. You could quote many other seasoned racing aficionados and I know you'd get wide agreement. I will add

Only From the Kingdom Can One Fully Love Thy Neighbor

I am fascinated by what Jesus told His disciples in the tenth chapter of Matthew. He sent them out to share Him with others, and the thing that strikes my soul right now is where He told them to stay. He told them to find those who knew Him -- those weren't His exact words, but Jesus knew there were those who lived the Kingdom and would be the most hospitable to them -- so much so that He insisted for the entire time they ministered in that town they stay only with that one home He knew was the most Kingdom.  He even said if there was no one in the town who was Kingdom, then leave and shake the dust off your sandals as a sign against that town. Ouch. Thing is, there are those who Love Thy Neighbor with His love, and it is very good to let them do that very thing. That's the essence of sowing the Kingdom in Christ's name, love, and power. Another critical component of that, however, is truth . This is why it was so refreshing to come across this piece about how extraordinar