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Prayers With Incense

This morning in my devotional time I read from the eighth chapter of the book of Revelation. I was quite taken by the first part of that passage, when just after the seventh seal is opened there is a period of complete silence in heaven, and then an angel takes a censor full of incense and the prayers of the saints and releases them before God. Wow. I've been taking to saying quiet prayers any time I hear a siren wail. Somebody really needs God in that moment. I've considered never telling anyone I do that because I just want it to be about God ministering to them, that's all. It's about them and their healing and salvation. The only reason I do bring it up is because today, while I was puttering around the house as I usually do on a lazy Saturday, I heard that siren, said a brief prayer, but it kept getting louder with other sirens joining in. One of them became particular mournful, exceedingly so, like the sickest banshee you could ever hear. Makes sense. Th

The Wisdom of God is Foolishness to the World

I peeked a bit at my Facebook page which I do every once in a while. Not often, but sometimes I just look at it, see what friends are saying and doing. Yes, most of it is banal, non-offensive blather, but they're my friends. I still love them. Last night I saw something which made me grieve. I just want to share it here. I'd love to share it on "the wall" on Facebook, but it would be terribly offensive, I know. What I saw was a number of different people, from different areas of my life, all posting a video clip of the same exact thing. It was Jon Stewart's pontifical speech about the massacre in Charleston, South Carolina, in which nine black people gathered in a church were shot and killed by a white man. First of all, when I heard about this incident I knew right away, I knew . I knew the news media would take this and run like crazy with it. It is the perfect news item to showcase more than any other, tailor-made for them to righteously spout the System&