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The Kingdom Counterfeit Roars Again

One of my good friends from church put on Facebook a link to this story . The very typical idea: that if you're a person with a top government job -- notably the president of the United States -- and you say you're a Christian, then you should have this characteristic and that characteristic and this other characteristic. This kind of thing is quite pronounced today because Donald Trump is president, and after he did some prayer breakfast things liberal-minded folks found yet another opening to shred him a new aye-hole by pontificating about what a real  Christian is supposed to be like, and they gathered all the ministers they could who also don't like Trump to add credibility to the claim. "800 good wholesome qualified Christian ministers of some kind say Trump is no Christian so this is another proof that Trump is a great big aye-hole so we should all really really hate him already," essentially. Now, I could go into several of the items mentioned that th