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The Insanity of Embracing Abortion Ratchets Up to Even Higher Levels

Sure enough, after Georgia passed a bill allowing abortions up six weeks of pregnancy, Alabama got around to passing a bill effectively prohibiting all abortions. Good for them! Except for one thing. It still doesn't mean anything unless everyone everywhere in every state -- indeed every nation on the planet -- summarily outlaws abortion, period. The reason is simple. Some in Alabama admitted the law is designed to put pressure on the Supreme Court to overturn Roe  v. Wade.  Many pro-lifers like this idea because it will allow states to decide what to do with abortion. Good thing. Not . Remember when they tried the principle of popular sovereignty  to address slavery back in the 1840s, 1850s? Let the states decide if they want slavery or not . Except that, just like abortion, slavery is something so repulsively immoral that it simply should not be up to a vote. And abortion, just like slavery, must be categorically, unequivocally made unconstitutional, illegal, and subjec

The Insanity of Embracing Abortion Explodes Yet Again

Recently there has been quite a reaction to the fetal heartbeat law Georgia passed. Liberal "pro-choice" people went crazy against it, while conservative "pro-life" people cheered for it. Is there no one who thinks this bill is extraordinarily diabolical, simply because saying it is illegal to get an abortion after around six weeks  makes it okay to get one before that? Huh. When  precisely  does a baby  become  a human being after conception? Please, what difference does it make when the heartbeat is detected? For anyone to declare they are pleased with the Georgia bill shows they are simply hypnotized by the devil's schemes. And I have heard so many good, wholesome, thoughtful Christians say they favor this bill. This saddens me tremendously, and always has. There are all kinds of rationalizations that go into trying to work out some public policy positioning that makes Christians feel good about their moral stature, yet much of it is either sustaining i