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Why Doesn't the President Give This State of The Union Address?

Tonight President Bush gave yet another State of the Union address. It was same-ol', same-ol'-- lots of boasting about what he's done and what he'll do to raucous applause from his toadies of one stripe or another. A number of years ago I wrote the State of the Union address he should give, at least I thought so at the time. I just wanted to share it with you. Don't worry, it is quite short. "Good evening. I’ll be brief. I’m sick and tired of people who always come to the government to solve all their problems. I’m also sick and tired of people who simply refuse to come to identify their own abject wretchedness and further refuse to come to terms with the fact that they cannot do squat to make themselves good enough to make this nation as a whole one that God would care to bless in any way. So what I want you to do is this. Stop making me an idol of the fulfillment of your godless expectations. I want all of you here to go home, right now, and I want all of yo

The Yoist Nation

In my last post I introduced the idea that Nancy Pelosi is going to govern in Congress merely based on what she thinks everyone wants her to do. This is very basic: that's republican (small "r") government. So all the abortions, sodomous activity, confiscations of wealth, and such that she will endorse is really just what all Americans want. Yes, all Americans . Many will screech, "Oh no, we don't want that stuff! We are fighting against those things!" Oh? I would safely presume that most who're in the battle against these things are churchly kinds of people. And if this is the case, then what are they doing signed up with the Nancy Pelosi's whom they are fighting against? They are when they are obligated as 501c3 incorporated entities. That most every single church is a 501c3 tells you that when I make the bold claim that it is indeed all Americans who choose to make Nancy Pelosi their moral guide, I'm just not too far off. And this is where

The Yoist Government

Yesterday was the commencement of the 110th Congress, and at the helm was Nancy Pelosi-- the talk of the nation as the first woman Speaker of the House, and, wow, in line to be president should something happen to the president and vice-president at the same time. In the newspaper today was a big color photo of her smiling among her grandchildren there on the House rostrum, and holding an instrument of authoritative governance: the gavel. She will indeed preside in the legislative body, and has vowed to bring an agenda of reform to Congress. Ho-hum. The word "reform" has been on the lips of congressional leaders through all 109 previous Congresses, and it will continue to be on their lips during all the rest of them for one simple reason. They govern a nation of sinners who are given the task of telling these leaders what they want them to do to manage their sin. It may seem incidental that Pelosi is a devout Catholic, and pretty much most of the country will think we've