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Another 1,000 Words on The Real Slavery

In my last post I opined about a blogging pundit's remark that a good blogger must write a thousand words a day to be effective. I did agree one must blog often enough, but also made mention of extraordinarily meaningful time constraints. There are indeed other things more important. I've since thought that I must add another important facet to the blog-posting-somewhat-more-infrequently-than-every-day position. That is simply that one must take time to actually discover things about which to blog . Certainly sometimes those things require an entire day of plain discovery sans any writing at any time. I thought today I'd add some examples of the things I've been looking at over the past few days. One is an event that happened just yesterday: Rome itself has been overrun by the "Occupy Whichever Powers-That-Be Street There Is" fever. This particular revolt has resulted in some violence, I'm told, so the rebellion is stirring quite nicely it seems.

1,000 Words on The Real Slavery

I saw a note from some web expert guy who says to be an effective blogger, you must write 1,000 words a day. A day . Now I'm all for writing prodigiously -- I simply won't stop sharing the things I think are most important for the Kingdom. But I have a family, a job, and a home. Attention to those three things takes up 98% of my time. Yes I have a ministry, but much of that is wrapped up in those three things. I try to squeeze what I can into  The Catholicist Nation  and Wonderful Matters  from the other 2%. I am wholly devoted, though, to this ministry. But to write 1,000 words a day? I'd have to sacrifice far too much of those other things. Can I be a successful blogger otherwise? The only reason I'd consider myself to be relates to another critical aspect of web success, and that is that there must be content. That's what I try to achieve, and I just think slapping 1,000 words on the splendor of today's dog-walking experience is just not worth it. For e