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The Wonderful Adventure

The latest interesting thing to capture my attention is this song I heard this morning on the alternative radio station I tune into sometimes. It's called "Paper Planes" by M.I.A. It was kind of catchy, but a song I'd figured'd be okay this time, but if I'd heard it even one more time it'd really grate. Thing is I really started to try to pay attention to the lyrics, which was kind of difficult because the gal singing it has a tweaky voice, the producer made the whole thing kind of tweaky to begin with -- I naively thought it was a novel Christmas song decrying the commercialism of the season because a line that repeats many times is, "All I wanna do is ::bang bang bang::, and :cha-ching::, and take your money." The "bang bang bang" part is the stylized sound of a gunshot, three of them in a row, driving the beat. Later in the song is the line, "Some some some I some I murder, some I some I let go." Yeah, pretty brutal.