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Seminar on Wickedness

My friend Ben Bush has a fine Facebook site Politics of Heaven  and yesterday he had a fine take on the mass firings of top personnel at Baylor, an erstwhile Christian university that is said to be Christian of some sort. I was particularly taken by the magnitude of what is going on around the nation at campuses of all ideological stripes, this event was merely a symptom of what has been going for decades: the transformation of institutions of higher learning into breeding grounds for wickedness beyond the pale. The sexual assault crisis is merely a part of that. For years now college administrators have been pulling their hair out wondering what they could do to rein in the effects of the sexual revolution. California has even passed a sexual consent law (other states may have these too, I am just not aware that they do) which declares some kind of meaningful consent must be issued before a sexual encounter may occur. It has whimsically been called the "No means no" law

The Kingdom Think Tank, Part II

In my last post I brought up a few more items happening in the financial world that ever-so expose the benighted state of the world and the System provocations that engorge it. Right after I'd posed questions about the whys and wheretofores regarding negative interest rates and large cash denomination removal recommendations, presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump blithered on about what he would do with the United States financial footing once he's in the executive office. Essentially, Trump said he's going to spend gobs of borrowed money to make America great again, ya-da ya-da, and if the U.S. economy tanks, well, he'll just "make a deal." Joy. Lots of financial prognosticator economic brainiac pundit types went off on what this or that means regarding bonds and Treasuries and interest rates and reserve currencies and on and on and on. What Trump's blapitude does mean certainly is one key thing. World inhabitants are worth wa

The Kingdom Think Tank

As you know I'm very interested in value. What is the measure of a life, of an occupation, of a profession, of an achievement?... Anything we say has value  is merely the projection of somebody . Could be a porcelain tea kettle made by a human, could be a blooming azalea made by God. How does a thing -- a person  -- have value, and what happens among us in and around all of that value assigning? The latest System bastardizing of the value assigning activity today comes in a few items of note bopping about in our world. Negative interest rates are being offered or are even finding their way into the financial system, which is really designed to discourage people from saving. Since people can't save, retirement of large denominations and restrictions on what can be purchased with cash are happening, which are arranged to discourage people from hoarding. Then there's this gem, being bantered about at the highest levels of academic bantering-about: universal basic inc