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What The News Media Want To Tell Me

Starting off the new year here I saw on the Internet news about what's going on in Iran. Thousands of people are filling the streets to protest Iran's government. Already two dozen people have been killed in the violent demonstrations. I don't know the details of what precisely is happening, but I do know a bit about how Cain's Agency led by the Society of Jesus is the most instrumental force in shaping government policy in every nation and forming what every citizen of each nation thinks about their government. Iran has always been some kind of theocracy, at its core ultimate leadership is held by the oldest wisest Shia Islam minister of some sort. The core purpose of government is to crack heads, and when the people feel it is cracking heads of the right people they are fine. Trouble is when World Operatives disrupt that process, and right now it is being upended, as it has any number of times in Iran's history. The mainstream news organizations led by the New