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The New Very Hot Civil War

Passions are getting very heated right now in the present civil war between the North and the South. Literally. About a week ago the Texas governor decided to erect his own "wall" to impede the flow of migrants pouring in at the southern border. The "wall" was pretty much razor wire and a prominent National Guard presence. A few days ago the US Supreme Court, by a 5-4 vote, decided to remand the case, if I'm not mistaken, which essentially leaves it open for the federal government to prevent the governor from doing what he did. The governor responded by doing it anyway. Now the president of the US has given the governor an ultimatum to remove the "wall," and intimating he may indeed federalize that state's law enforcement personnel at the border ordering them to stand down. Will the governor call his bluff, and will the president follow through on his threat which means, which means what?... It is getting hot and heavy with the civil war raging rig

The Racket Humming Along Very Nicely Right Now

I absolutely had to put up a post simply with the image I saw at the ZeroHedge piece about yet another guy blapping about how rotten all the dollar exploitation is nowadays (a very veritable truism certainly) and how much we all need to move our asses and get into gold or crypto (just as veritable a truism that this is just as rotten). It doesn't matter what it is, the Roman Catholic Ecclesiocracy Racket will still be exactly like the image depicts. (Forgive me for not knowing who to afford attribution, but here is the page with that story and the image there about halfway down.) As I looked at this thing in all its splendid glory, I could only think of the rule established in all Roman Catholic dominated towns in Europe through the last few centuries, as really pretty much all of them were even at the height of the Protestant Reformation. The rule stated that no building could be erected that was higher or as high as the main Roman Catholic church building or cathedral. Really,

What It Is, 2024 Edition

With the year 2024 looking like it will be something of an explosive one, I thought I'd just direct you to a piece from Off-Guardian  yesterday, a fine exposition by its editor Kit Knightly. It does a pretty decent job of sharing precisely why so many people, especially people in some positions of power, do incredibly stupid things. In simple terms it is because they are so beholden to the Big Lie to which all World inhabitants and all System mandarins must give their utmost fealty. Knightly's piece had me considering it a sort-of present-day rendition of Tupper Saussy's epilogue in his book Tennessee Waltz called "The Politics of Witchcraft." In that very real sense anyone who is in a position of authority in Cain's Legacy are bound by what he called the "lie contract." Thing is Knightly does not do the one thing I don't think he can do without fearing some kind of repercussion -- hey, no worries, I always fear some sorts of repercussions for w