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True Regret

I recently put up my latest webzine home page piece, it's here if you want to get right to it. But I wanted to add a parenthetical remark about it that I didn't quite get into it, but, right now, it just wouldn't quite fit into any place. That is what is great about blogging, I can add addendums to stuff from here up-the-wazoo. Good advice for anyone doing serious writing is "know your audience." In doing The Catholicist Nation I have always thought carefully about who exactly I'm writing to. At one level I'm writing to anyone who just plain wants to see what's meaningfully true, as I address in the piece. This may be why some of my stuff may be a bit broad in context, but in this sense I just want to share Christ with anyone who'll pay a bit of attention. At another level I have two distinct types of individuals I want to reach. The college student and the church pastor. The college student is someone who is freshly entering a world where he or

The Grand Mythology or Meaningful Truth?

So much truth out there to choose from! What to do, what to do? Ah, the great postmodernist dilemma. Good for getting high on my story, but not-so-good for actually knowing reality . My latest webzine piece has been uploaded with some thoughts about how truth has been run through the World's meat grinder. If you'd like to see it, It's here.

Navy Seals of the Culture War

The Navy Seals are the crack military operatives who are the most highly trained to go after whatever needs fixing in the most dangerous situations. In looking at the way the World works, it is obvious that each of the World's Culture War factions has its own Navy Seals crew, ready to take on their opponent's offensive agendas. A classic example came up recently when a former NBA player "outed" himself, announcing that he was gay, and another former player, Tim Hardaway, made remarks about how he hated homosexuals and didn't want anything to do with them. Naturally, the Radical Selfist Navy Seals went to work on this. "How intolerant! How bigoted! How whatever-whatever!" They used their most potent weapons, widely broadcast censure and social ostracism. Any time I see this, I long for the conversation I'd like to have with them. "So Tim Hardaway's comments were intolerant?" "Yes of course!" "Isn't your strident censur