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The Real Inferno

I've thought about a lot of things I can write in this blog post to introduce my latest home page piece . I don't know. Here's about the best thing I can say right now. We've got HBO for a while, just today, and I thought I'd peek in and see some things there. Tonight I tuned in to Bill Maher's show for a bit. On there was Matt Welch, Sally Kohn, and Michael Hayden. They were discussing the standard revulsion of Donald Trump, yet the things they were saying in and around it all were just the most foolish, inane, repulsively idiotic things anyone could ever behold coming through a television set. I turned it off after even a few moments because it became unbearable. Oh I understand why they do it. I understand who's telling them the things they're saying. I understand what its purpose is. I'm given to think that God allows this to subsist because the harrowing absurdity simply has to drive people into the arms of their Savior. Still, these peopl