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Islam is a Product of Rome

I thought I'd peek around the web to see where I could find the exact string of words "Islam is a product of Rome". I found them in only two places, one of which was from a gal's inactive blog in the comments section of a 2008 post titled "Wussy Christianity," something like that. Of course the post itself was about how ineffectual modern Christianity is at truly having an impact and yeah, stuff like that. True enough, and related to something I'd thought about regarding my last webzine home page piece . I'd thought about the point I'd made about loving one's enemy, and thought, "Hmm, wonder what men  think about that?" I thought that because I know a lot of men consider being manly as punching people they don't like. On the other hand there are quite a few men who go the far opposite way, because we do live in such a feminized culture. Not that they're homosexual or anything, just that they consider most anything "ma

The World's Coalition of Frenemies

In today's Los Angeles Times was a piece by their in-house pundit Doyle McManus, titled "A Coalition of Frenemies." I didn't read it, but I can predict what he'd say. Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't mean to be presumptuous, not at all. But surely he'll talk about how the bestest of bestest diplomacy is required, one that tries reeeally hard to get conflicting interests to just jolly well get together to defeat the common enemy, that dratted Islamicism -- errrrrgh do we reeeally hate that Islamicist threat errrrrrrrgh... Oh brother. What's new. It's all just the latest idiocy from World blappers getting their cues from World megaphone holders many of whom are the most eloquent and erudite blappers in the most revered media and education institutions, and people like McManus just labor to try to sound the most boffo. But nothing changes. People wage war with one another, often in large groups, often asking Caesar to join their skirmishes,