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The Cinderella Deceit

I saw the ballet "Cinderella" tonight with some of the high schoolers from the club I advise, and it was standard fair. You know, the stepsisters abuse her until the fairy godmother gets her to the ball where she dances the night away-- until midnight of course when she returns to her old self. Yet she accidentally leaves that one glass slipper. The prince can now scour the country to find his true love by seeing whose foot fits the slipper. As he visits each village, each woman takes her shot at it. Maybe, just maybe, it will fit her foot and she and the prince would live happily ever after. After watching this process, each woman taking her turn, I thought of something, and I just can't believe this is the first time it's been thought. Think about this: What would each woman think after the slipper is found to be a poor fit, in light of the fact that she'd just been revealed as a brazen liar . For you see, each woman must know that she is not Cinderella. The

Catastrophic God Club Switching

"Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life." These words were shared by Jesus to ask John to write to the angel of the church of Smyrna in Asia Minor about particular items of concern to Him, all recorded in the book of Revelation. They come to mind in thinking about this guy in Afghanistan who is apparently on trial and could receive the death penalty merely for converting from Islam to Christianity. I can't help but think that Romanist operatives are working in the mix here somehow. Indeed they've been working through history to set it all up, making Islam one huge god club that takes brazen flight from its ranks very seriously. While not questioning this man's faith-- he may indeed have Jesus' name on his lips-- I'd venture to say that his conversion is simply the switching membership from one god club to another, and the affront of Islamic power brokers is so severe that they cannot sit idly by and save face. To them the very essen