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Naivete About The System

I confess something right here and now. It isn't new, but it is just more pronounced these days. I am extraordinarily naive . I am thoroughly impressed by the way those working so dutifully in the World System so imaginatively, so industriously, and so diabolically do their noble work in the service Cain's legacy. I mean it is truly stunning when you think about it. That they can convince so many people in the most powerfully hypnotic ways to adopt principles originating in the deepest reaches of Hell is indeed an awesome thing. The racialist and coronavirus hysteria seems to be reaching newer heights every day. And that isn't even the genius of the Ops. It is in distracting everyone from the more significant things happening that simply have to be seasoning the planet for Christ's return. Remember the kings of the east? China has got to be slavering over the way Americans are eating their own with their harrowing Stepford bleats that their neighbors must be racists des

The Cancel Culture's Pathodicy

The recent thread of these blog posts has included an introduction to the concept pathodicy , the firm consideration that I must have my negative feelings about another's suffering addressed by employing government force to fix that suffering just so I can feel better. It is the main reason the leftist social agenda is marauding through our country right now, the reason it has  ever eviscerated the lives and livelihoods of so many. Those pathodicies have fully metastasized in large part because the Trump resistance movement has found some semblance of a way to derail his re-election chances by destroying the economy through a mass media cyberbullying campaign of incessantly pounding coronavirus and racialist hysteria. Recently I'd been posting some thoughts about this "cancel culture" and how it has become virtually intolerable with the news that a top editor at The New York Times  resigned because of its effects. But I have to add a post to emphasize somethi

What To Do With the Stupid Ideas of the Cancel Culture

I can't neglect to put in a follow-up post to my last one  from just yesterday about how many hifalutin public figures put out a whiny letter in a major magazine issue telling us all that bad ideas need to be talked down, and how pointless that strategy is in confronting certain ideas. A very good friend shared with me the video below and it is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. What makes it so wonderful is that every single one of the ideas he ridicules is not just a bad idea, but a  stupid idea.  Some of them are just flat-out monumentally  stupid. (Oops, probably shouldn't have used the word "monumentally" there because that may trigger someone who dislikes monuments that may have been erected with some racist motivations...) So yeah, what do we do with stupid ideas? Yes, it might actually be quite justified to allow them to float about only so we may all heap the requisite amount of ribald mockery upon them. Really, makes life worth

Cancel Culture Eats Another of Its Own

Bari Weiss, top opinion editor at The New York Times, resigned today. Why is this story so major? It is because apparently Weiss was striving to be a mitigating force against the marauding leftist spiritual violence that has devastated this country. It seems she too was on the side of many of those hifalutin people who were on board with this widely publicized letter in Harper's  all about dialing back the vitriol against anyone not at the farthest left flank of the ideological spectrum. These Harper's letter people were essentially saying "We must fight bad ideas with talking them out, and the cancel culture is keeping people from exercising their freedom of speech even if their ideas are repulsive." That was the idea anyway. It is a claim made by those on the right, also, this idea that "Let's just respect freedom of speech OKAY?!" There is a very pronounced problem with that, one that those on the left at least understand as misguided as the