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Bill Nye, the Spokeshole Guy, Part II

In my first post about this Bill Nye video "proving" the "science" of abortion, I addressed three things, (1) that comprehending reality does require some measure of insight and wisdom, (2) that the science wholly favors the full complete humanness of a baby from conception to birth, and (3) that Jesus Christ has a full measure of forgiveness and salvation offered to anyone who's had an abortion, endorsed it, or even now tries to rationalize it like Bill Nye. Another critical aspect simply cannot be dismissed, and that is the World System has the most elaborate ways to convince people that what Bill Nye is saying is worth anything except as inducements to keep committing human sacrifice against one another. Interesting that the Bill Nyes all around will say things like "Oh that silly religious talk, get with the science -- it is them  who are saying worthless things." Oh? Prove that . See, they can't prove their claims that we should pay a

Bill Nye, the Spokeshole Guy

My attention was brought to a video Bill Nye "the Science Guy" did to proclaim that science "proves" that abortion is perfectly okay. After reading about its content, I went ahead and watched a bit of it, and sure enough it is worthless pap spouted by World Ops to convince everyone that people are perfectly justified to continue committing acts of modern human sacrifice against other human beings. Nye's first argument revolves around the statement that fertilized ova die all the time through natural means, so the clear intimation is that mothers are perfectly within their rights to terminate the lives of their own fertilized ova. So that means that if I'm carrying on my back a fellow hiker with an injured leg, and we're walking on a narrow trail along a high ledge, the instant I get tired of this I'm good with just throwing him down the steep incline to his death? I mean, people slip and stumble off cliffs while hiking and die all the time. Wha