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The Ezra Factor, Part III

Today on my walk I came to a beautiful park I like to frequent, and on the field were a group of boys playing rugby. I sat and enjoyed watching them for a bit, but I noticed something peculiar. They weren't really trying . Each team had seven boys, and when one would get the ball to run, the opposing players would make some effort to try to tackle him but if they didn't get any kind of grip to bring him down, the runner easily slithered away and ran for the score. Then they kicked the ball back to the other team, and the same thing ensued: running, followed by half-hearted attempts at tackles. Score. Kick, run, feeble tackle attempt, score. Kick, run, feeble tackle attempt, score. Also interesting was their attention to the rules. A number of times there was a drop or improper lateral or something of that sort (I am not familiar with the rules of rugby), and everyone was quite keen to point out any infraction or misplay. What struck me about all this is that it was a ki

The Ezra Factor, Part II

I've been reading a book with a premise that is optimal for my next home page piece considerations. It is Rethinking Money , and I thought I'd peek around a bit in it to see if these guys really get into what's what with value assessment . Sadly, they don't. Sure they get into how macroeconomics works and how banks work and how alternate currencies are the latest and greatest and all that. But all they do is blither about how radical their new conception of money is when it is merely a rearrangement of the old one. There is only one thing that would demonstrate any meaningful substance in a book about changing the way we do value assessment. That would be if it includes mention of Jesus Christ. Indeed it would only mean anything if the book flat-out declared that any change in the way we do value assessment comes only through Jesus Christ. Lessee, now, let me look through the index and see where Jesus is mentioned, lessee here, ummm, looking -- looking -- look

The Ezra Factor

I've been co-teaching an apologetics adult Sunday school class and this week, to introduce the problem of evil, I shared with the students the idea of "augmented reality," something I wrote about in my webzine this month. I brought up the idea that this latest IT innovation would be most useful for finding out what any given individual is really all about. Even thought I totally understand them, the responses I got did surprise me. Those responses were, "I don't think I'd want to know that much about someone else!" Again, I do get why they said that, but inside I thought, "No you don't. You don't really want that -- the not knowing. I believe you do want to know. Everything you do is about trusting someone else is going to do a certain thing, and we all live our lives deciding to do whatever it is we do based in large part on what other people have decided to do and have stayed true to doing." Of course I didn't think all of 

Seeing the Disinformation When You're Subject to Disinformation

One of the most profound ways the World's disinformation is most readily consumed has to do with sexuality. When I look upon the horizon of the lives of those all around me, I see so very few who really know the truth about this thing. And don't go off blaming the sexual revolution of the 1960's. Even many with the most Victorian sentiments don't get it either. Oh, do I have to barf up the disclaimer that I'm still learning about it too? While true, I always wonder why I have to apologize for the things that I do know, even if it is about something like sexuality. The World has not only blasted to smithereens any truthful consideration of this thing sexuality, it has also corrosively marginalized any who wish to engage its most truthful discursive elements. So we're left with a society bathing in the sewer of what I call distolerance , the practice of using a pathetically twisted consideration of tolerance to mercilessly bash those who genuinely seek and wan